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Corporate Expanse: From the Cradle is an originally-themed science fiction MUSH set during a crucial period in humanity's history: the period where mankind took the long but important steps from merely being a part of the galaxy to becoming a part of galactic civilization: leaving the comfortable cradle of humanity in their home solar system and venturing out into the immense and often-hostile galaxy. It is a galaxy where humans are very small fish in a very big pond, but a galaxy in such turmoil that even the smallest minnow may yet develop a mean bite.

The action takes place not on Earth but on Epsilion Indi III, better known to the colonists as Persephone, humanity's first deep space colony. Financed by the United Nations back on Earth and ruled by a local, democratic administration, Persephone has already become the centre of mankind's galactic trade and diplomacy but remains utterly reliant on Earth, both for things as simple as money and for things as complicated as the highly-specialised, intricate, pre-fabricated domes used to protect the inhabitants from the hostile atmosphere. Agriculture has gotten to the point where Persephone is self-sufficient for food and water, but heavy industry and information technology are virtually non-existant. Wood from the vast forests is cheap, but something as simple as a satellite phone must be imported and is beyond the means of most colonists.

Persephone attracts the brave and strong as well as the poor and desperate. The best of humanity has rushed forward to see a new frontier and be a part of something that matters. But the worst of humanity has saved up the last of its money or stowed away on a transport, lured by rumours of wealth and opportunity for all only to find a planet that is economically and industrially centuries behind Earth. For every ambassador or entrepreneur, there are a hundred criminals or impoverished people.

From the Cradle is a prequel to Corporate Expanse: an original-themed science fiction MUSH under erratic development since 2005. But while Corporate Expanse is a grand story of galactic struggle, From the Cradle aims to be a smaller tale of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances (not to mention a smaller game). It shares not only a universe and a history with its older brother, but also a philosophy: even in the grand future of space exploration and colonisation, the story should never stop being about the characters who inhabit it.

Like Corporate Expanse, From the Cradle features a large-scale "arc" intended to act as a guide to the progression of the game's plot. And, like Corporate Expanse, From the Cradle's arc is elastic, leaving room for players to drive the action. While there may be notes that the game intends to hit in its story, there is room for the players to hit those notes in their own way or even skip them over altogether and force the introduction of new ones.

If you have any questions, concerns, or interest in From the Cradle, please log onto port 7117 in your favourite MUSH or Telnet client. Players not familiar with MUSHes are encouraged to log on as well, either with (in Windows XP or earlier as well as any UNIX-based system) the telnet command. If running Windows Vista, please download SimpleMU or MUSHclient to connect, as Vista lacks the telnet command. Also, Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later users can try Atlantis. If you have any questions, we'd be happy to help.