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From the Cradle boasts a total of six unique species. For further information on each of them, please feel free to log in and consult From the Cradle's news files!

The Humans are the stars of the show. Natives of Earth, humanity is much as we remember it from the twenty-first century: fleshy, soft, two arms, two legs, and sometimes a little too curious for their own good. They are also relatively backwards cousins, having just entered interstellar space for the first time. While the other species often have highly-advanced empires, Persephone is humanity's first foray into interstellar colonisation.

The Twis'rin are (at least according to them) the oldest of the galaxy's sentient species. They are an aquatic people, similar in look to an unusually large and remarkably intelligent squid. They are the first known species to develop an interstellar presense, and were for over a thousand years the dominant power in the galaxy based off a policy of exterminating whoever else they come across and the multi-generational sagas of slower-than-light interstellar travel. However, their dominance did not prove infinite, and they now find themselves forced to share the galaxy.

One of those responsible for dethroning the Twis'rin are the Balorim. Huge, slow, and more than a little ostentatious, the Balorim are regardless the first example of a species who were capable of standing up to the Twis'rin. After the First Galactic War, the Balorim found themselves ascendant; the second major power in the galaxy with a growing number of star systems under their control and a future so bright that they'd have to wear shades if any could be found to fit their huge, slug-like bodies.

Second of the galaxy's sentient aquatic species, the Captab are more properly amphibians: small but sturdy, these little creatures can be quite safe for long periods on land. However, their homes are underwater and this is enough to earn the eternal emnity of the Twis'rin who consider them walking, breathing blasphemies. It was they who seemed to have the most to gain by the Twis'rin's failure in the war, yet their progress has been stalled of late, and back home some elements are growing anxious.

Finally, there are the Doggei, the quiet men of the galaxy. The Doggei strategy for survival was always to keep quiet and keep their heads down: they knew of the Twis'rin early on in the game and hoped to avoid destruction by making sure the xenophobes never found out about them either. Though they appear unimpressive and are quiet, dour, and all-round poor companions, they are also a major galactic power and their assistance to the Balorim and Captab may have tipped the scales in the Galactic War.

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