Wilco is the head director of From the Cradle. He has been MU*ing since August 1995, when he began his career on the now-defunct TOS TrekMUSE, staying until 2004. He has played many, many games since he began his hobby but is now all-but withdrawn from RPing except on Elendor, where he today plays Paladin Took, Talbinor, and Tovothond the Ent. He is the co-author, with, Othic, of the theme for Corporate Expanse on which From the Cradle is based, and has coded or written the entirety of From the Cradle himself. Wilco lives in Canada with his industrial-sized cases of Kraft Dinner, where he wanders the downtown streets yelling crazily about the end of the world.

To contact Wilco, log onto Gateway or M*U*S*H, where his name is self-evident. He also lurks at When Online RPGs Attack, where he sometimes posts something and more often sits around waiting for a thread that's not about World of Darkness.