News Index Imported February 16, 2010

Hello, and welcome to From the Cradle! From the Cradle is an originally-themed science fiction roleplaying MUSH dedicated to providing the experience of roleplaying the distant future in an exciting, interesting way. The land of From the Cradle is a diverse one filled with aliens, planets, history, and, if you play your cards right, not a little adventure.

The NEWS system is designed to provide all players with information on the game's environment both ICly and OOCly. The following topics are available in the NEWS system:

General Topics:Updated:Description:
*Definitionsxx.xx.xxxxDefinitions of terms and acronyms.
+Newbies16.02.2010New to From the Cradle? Start here!
+Policies17.04.2008Rules and policies.
Credits21.06.2008Credit where it is due.
Stats02.06.2008Rolling dice, resolving conflict.
Storyline17.04.2008How big plots will work here.
Wiki15.01.2009The From the Cradle wiki.
Theme Topics:Updated:Description:
+Summary17.06.2008What From the Cradle is all about.
History09.06.2008How did we get here?
Timeframe16.02.2010What time is it?
+Species18.04.2008The population of the galaxy.
Organisations06.12.2008The factions of Persephone.
Government22.02.2010How Persephone is run.
+Persephone17.04.2008The centre of our action.
Religion15.01.2009Spirituality in the future.
Technology22.02.2010What does what.
+ - a must-read topic for newbies       * - an unwritten topic