Corporate Expanse: From the Cradle is an originally-themed science fiction roleplaying game, set on the planet of Epsilon Indi III and in humanity's first interstellar colony of Persephone. One of the youngest species yet to reach to the stars, mankind is only beginning to find its way in the galaxy, but is already learning that they are very, very small fish in the biggest of all possible ponds.

On one side stand the alien interests. The Twis'rin look out for themselves, trying to adjust to a new galaxy in which they are no longer the strongest power in the stars, attempting to feel their way through diplomacy while all-the-while lusting after their former position of primacy.

The Balorim, dangerous upstarts that they are, try to build a dominant empire on the ruins of the one they took from the Twis'rin. Shrewd, intelligent, and ambitious, they are remembered by everyone as the Good Guys of the First Galactic War, and yet they may be the most dangerous of all.

Drawn out from their secretive natures by the War, the Doggei are still trying to adapt to dealing with the other species on something like equal terms. Disdainful and overtly proud when they're overt about anything at all, they are beginning to find themselves less and less suited to be participants in a peaceful galaxy.

Having escaped extinction at the hands of the Twis'rin, the Captab now face the very real threat of obscurity: once the second-ranking power in the galaxy, they have been eclipsed already by the Balorim and perhaps by others to come. Once the patrons of humanity, the Captab now have little choice but to look over their shoulders and wonder if they will appreciate the crop they have planted in a hundred years.

The colony itself is a shambles. Far from being the noble romantic frontier, it is the home to an underemployed and disaffected population of those their home countries didn't want very much. The soldiers are rejects from the world's armies. The police officers are alternatively spineless or totalitarian. The workers are underpaid and malcontent, and yet they are loathed by the thousands with no work at all.

And, on Persephone, all of those conflicted interests collide into a singular point of tension and increasingly overt battle.

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