1997 in TOS history

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The Klingons launch a number of raids into the territory of other empires.

Two Klingon ships are destroyed in Federation Space after a raid on Earth that included a boarding assault of Starbase One in which several Federation players were killed.

The Romulans and Klingons have repeated skirmishes.

The Romulans and Federation sign a nonaggression treaty.

The Arcturan Syndicate makes a brief appearance, establishing a base in neutral space called Port Haven. They quickly develop a reputation as pirates and terrorists, and enter into conflicts with both the Federation and the Romulans. The Arcturans are ultimately destroyed by the Klingons.

The USS Intrepid is lost in a collision with Centaurus when her navigator idles with a waypoint set for the exact center of that sector, which happens to be where Centaurus is located.

In May, the Klingons launch raids into both Federation and Romulan territory. The attacks are repulsed but farms and factories had their inventory raided on several planets.

The Federation Council opts to avoid outright conflict with the Klingons. StarFleet is ordered to increase border patrols to intercept raiders before they reach Federation core planets.

Major combat breaks out between the Klingons and the Romulans. A large Klingon force attacks the Romulan homeworld and home starbase, inflicting serious damage. The Klingon-Romulan War begins. The Romulans claim victory; a treaty is later signed in which the Klingons cede claims to some neutral planets near their mutual border; the Klingons never honor this. The war really gained nothing for either side, nor did either side really suffer many losses.

All empires begin receiving reports of outlying colonies and ships being attacked by an unknown alien force.

The USS Ulysses is reported missing during a deep space exploratory mission. She is later discovered crippled and adrift by USS Federation, her crew's brains sucked out. Federation then makes first contact with the Ikarans, a race that look like three-foot-tall teddy bears but have great psionic powers. They are able to reach into the minds of their enemies, take control of their bodies and speak and act through them. They attempt to control the crew of the Federation, forcing them to lower their shields so the Ikarans can board. The Federation escapes and reports the menace to StarFleet Command.

Ikaran attacks are reported against civilian and military ships in all empires. This is the start of the Ikaran War.

In the fall, the Romulans, Federation, Klingons and Tholians hold a conference on Starbase One in the Federation to discuss the Ikaran threat. They agree to set aside their differences and join forces for an assault on Ikar, the Ikaran homeworld. It is discovered that powerful telepaths, such as can be found among the Tholians or Vulcans, may be able to shield ships from the Ikaran telepathic assault. Each ship in the combined fleet is to have a Tholian or Vulcan onboard. Command of the allied fleet is given to StarFleet Admiral John Falkenberg, who has the most experience in combat against the Ikarans. In the famed Battle of Ikar, the combined fleet assaults the Ikaran homeworld, and Gavelin Brody beams down to the Ikaran hive and kills their queen, ending the war. The combined fleet sustained moderate casualties; one Romulan battleship was lost and several other ships sustained significant damage. During the battle, the Klingons refused to accept orders from the allied command.