2002 in TOS history

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  • January 23: Cornwell accidentally deletes Space, presumably after trying to install bumper stickers on starships. Or...something, as this log shows.

<public> C'Tiki: <Tholian> Nothing.
<public> AnneLions: Tholian?
<public> C'Tiki: President of their Fan Club.
<public> AnneLions: Uh huh... Didn't know they had one. Only one member? ;)
<public> tiResias: <Taco Bandito> no ;)
<public> AnneLions chuckles.
<public> C'Tiki: Would you like one of our 'Tholians Rule the Universe' starship bumper stickers? :)
<public> AnneLions hmms, "Sure." ;)
<public> C'Tiki: IT's the size of a truck (otherwise you wouldn't be able to see it on a starship). What ship would you like it installed on?
<public> AnneLions: Any of 'em... how about SB1? ;)
<public> Cornwell: <Director> Oh, I can see it now...
<public> Cornwell: <Director> A massive space installation with internal ship docking capabilities. Resembling a metalic mushroom, this spacedock is majesticly drifting through space in orbit, while inside life pulses dynamically. One side of the station is dominated by a set of collosal space doors, currently closed which control access to the interior docking areas. You notice a large bumper sticker affixed to the side that says 'Tholians Rule the Universe'.

...some time passes, it's now about 9:30am

Official Broadcast from Cornwell: "Folks...space is now down. There's a problem I need to get MacGyver to fix."

  • January 31: Space returns, and over the next few days, the last couple of things are finally repaired. Orbits are deactivated to faciliate repairs and, as of 2005, have not been turned back on. (Addendum - Some planets do orbit, in the Klingon Empire)