2005 in TOS history

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  • January 3 - TOS comes back up after going down on December 27-28.
  • January 18 - TOS goes down again, after being up for 15 days.
  • January 21 - TOS returns amid much rejoicing.
  • March 10 - MacGyver makes his yearly visit.
  • May 22 (or about) - TOS goes down again. Many Commodore 64 jokes ensue.
  • June 12 - TOS still down. Commodore 64 jokes no longer so funny.
  • June 20 - Outage continues. TOSers consider starting a fund to replace that C64.
  • June 22 - TOSers unite and compile resources. $3.82 (US) collected in a staggering fundraising effort. After a brief period of frugal flea-market shopping, A C-1540 5.25 diskette drive is found, expanding the C64's memory an additional 2K of RAM and 170K of backup storage space. Gift promptly sent to MacGyver, and all eagerly await the new improved TOS.
  • July 20 - TOS comes back up, albeit not on it's usual DNS address. There was much rejoicing, although apparently the rumors of Mac's engagement have not been exaggerated. The TOS C64 fund was also successful, as Mac has now locked the original 1540 and the purchased drive in a RAID configuration, yielding unprecedented speed and reliability.
  • July 21 - In what is widely considered to be a sign of the apocalypse, Wilco is made an acting admin to fill in for the temporary absence of both Dante and Othic. Brimstone and fire seen off in the distance, although Pestilence is apparently stuck in traffic on I-95, and is not expected for at least several more hours.
  • August 24 - TOS goes down again. Nobody is particularly surprised, but all are annoyed.
  • September 27 - TOS goes down again. Nobody is particularly surprised, but all are annoyed. (copy and pastes the previous note) Maybe this has become a monthly event?
  • October 13 - After over 2 weeks of downtime, TOS is finally back up again, yey!
  • October 26 - After a hair under two weeks of uptime (setting a record for "longest uptime since 1997"), TOS goes down again. Insert joke here.
  • October 27 - (Eastern timezone) - TOS returns. People fucking mumble a bit.
  • November 5 - In an unbelievable turn of events... Wilco dies, thus heralding the coming of the apocolypse.
  • November 19 (I think) - TOS goes down again. Natives consider pitchforks and flaming torches as a reasonable response, as TOS has been down now for something like four months this year.
  • December 28 - TOS goes down again, after an astonishingly long uptime. Shock, amaze, etc, etc. The possibility that TOS will remain down well into 2006 really doesn't hit anyone with a great deal of surprise, either.