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Affiliation: Romulan
Class: 08
Location: Alpha+ 20:27:11

X: 0.00
Y: 0.00
Z: 0.00

Surface Gravity: 30.047 G
Surface Temperature: 22,485 K
Mean Density: 1531 kg/m
Luminosity: 3.94 x 10^26 W
Volume: 2.7 Gm
Core Temperature: 20,000,000 K
Satellites of note: Gorwah
Companion Stars: none


Like all class-O stars, Aelrh is extremely hot. Hydrogen and helium, the main fuels of solar fusion, are abundant in great quantity. Aelrh's stable gravity and low luminosity place it in one of the higher subdivisions, making this a star that is hard to ignore. Surface temperatures are four times that of average stars. While not exhibiting an unusual number of storms, the photosphere is releasing an enormous amount of stellar radiation, also known as "solar wind."


Signs of Aelrh's superhot presence are visible throughout this solar system. The first six planets are all bare and rocky, their atmospheres having long ago been burned off by the tremendous solar extremes of radiation and temperature. A single planet, Gorwah, lies in an unstable sixth orbit, far enough out to capture an M-class atmosphere, but almost too far to keep it.

The planets of the Aelrh system are arrayed in a classic planar formation. Aelrh I through Aelrh V are all relatively close together. Gorwah, in turn, is 1.4 times distant from Aelrh V than the distances of the first five orbits combined. Beyond Gorwah's lonely orbit is a shell of comets and planetoids of average chemical composition and size.