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Father was a Starfleet security officer killed in the line of duty. She knows a little about her fathers past and that he had some involvement with Starfleet intelligence. Mother (nee Anderson) was a budding doctor in the Federation before contracting a strange illness affecting her nervous system and moved to North Carolina to raise her daughter following her husband's death. Her cousin Jerina Anderson is Lt. on the USS Federation. Her Aunt and Uncle Anderson are xeno-agricultural biologists.


Grew up in a small North Carolina town. Her childhood was spent working at the Church Hospital with her mother, never getting much time to socialize and play with the other children her age. This, coupled with her aunt and uncles work, helped contribute to her passion for science and for books as she eagerly absorbed anything that would stimulate her mind. Highly competive, she spent much of her teenage years immersing herself into sports and academic competitions, learning at an early age that working hard for the future is the best way to not think about the pain of the past with her father's death and mother's subsequent workalholic depression. From the time she was 14 always up to the time she entered Starfleet at age 21, she attend internship at the prestigious Academie de Science in Paris, the premier school for intellectual scholars in all fields of science. Studying under some of the best minds every summer in the Federation, she not only made valuable profession contacts but also drove herself to near burnout many times. After graduating at the top of her class she attended 4 yrs of college earning her Biochemistry and liberal arts BS. Through her intership at the Academie and related works done at SF Academy and in her off duty hours, she has attained the equivelnt of a masters in Biology and medicine and is likely to work on her doctorate in those fields. She has done extensive work into the fields of suspace phenomena since her time of entering Starfleet and has been published in many academic journals. Before being appointed to Fleet CSO, she turned down an offer from the Academie de Science to quit Starfleet and become the Academie's curator.


Intensly competitive and passionate in her beliefs, her number one goal throughout her childhood was to follow her father's footsteps into Starfleet. Sometimes that competiveness gets the better of her as she has the habit of overwhelming herself in trying to do everything she can. Taking rejection as a spurn to improve herself, she obsesses herself with what other people think of her. But her world doesn't revolve around herself and she always cares more for the sake and welfare or those she cares about over herself. She has a vibrant and idealized view of love and can be very emotional in her private life, with almost no regards to consequences. Fiercely loyal to her friends and the belief and ideals she grew up with, she's made a personal vow never to allow her actions or character reflect illy of the Federation. The slightest thought that she may have failed and disgraced the hope and dreams of her father is a waking fear of hers that has kept her upmany night. Her Father's passion for Starfleet and duty, plays most prominent in influenceing her character. As a Starfleet officer, she tries very hard hard to walk the straight and arrow, and she is almost envious of her cousin's abilty to do with ease. The fact that many of her beliefs fall squarely in line with Starfleet has kept her out of trouble but when she sees something that strikes her as wrong, she has a time of it trying to keep herself to bite her tongue and not to act out in passion before she thinks. She has a strong sense of morality from her church upbringing which she has always used as an ethical rail in her scientific endeavour. In all things, even the bad and unfortuante, she believes there is a reason and she strives to find it. Having a task undone, a report not filed, or a question unanswer riles her the most in her duty. She has a difficult time trying not to associate other officers with the high standards she sets for herself. Her mother's workalholic perfectionism instilled this in her and though she consciously realizes this, her 'higher then thou' expectations for both herself and those she works with may very well be her downfall. She has a high respect and reagard for authority, namely her superior officers. When she sees one that capturers her ideals that her father made for her of duty and intergrity, she has a habit of idolizes them in an almost fatherly fashion.

Preceded by:
Stephan Hansen
Starfleet Commander-in-Chief Succeeded by:
Roger Wilco