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Admiral Alexander Riley is a member of Starfleet Command and the former Starfleet Commander-in-Chief, holding the dubious honour of being the only CinC ever to be deposed by order of the Federation Council. During his time as Commander-in-Chief, Riley was as little respected as his predecessors John Clayton and Adrianne Brooks, but lacking Clayton's stunning arrogance and Brooks's incredible hotness, he was forced to try and get by on his own personal abilities: an effort which went extremely badly.

Riley is best-known as a weak-willed individual of mushy spine, a man who'll stand up and scream but who lacks the guts to carry out his own plans. During his entire tenure, it was frequently alleged that Commodores Josh Limboch and Charles Abernathy were the power behind the crown, although this did not stop Riley from famously getting Fleet Captain Rigley O'Connor in incredibly deep Rihannsu shit by allegedly ordering the USS Tardis to violate Romulan territorial sovereignty.

After several months of procrastination and generally getting on everybody's nerves, the Federation Council, with the support of new President of the United Federation of Planets Lachlan MacGregor, unanimously voted to remove Riley from his post in February of 2005. He was replaced by Josh Limboch, however, Riley technically remains on Starfleet Command's payroll pending trial. With recent degeneration of relations with the Romulans, it is doubtful that his trial will ever take place.

Preceded by:
Neil Shukla
Starfleet Commander-in-Chief Succeeded by:
Josh Limboch