Arcturan Syndicate

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Pirate Syndicate based on Port Haven in neutral territory.

The Arcturans were around from sometime in mid or late 1997 to sometime in early 1998. They were led by Lord Kurjan.

(Author's Note: It is difficult to remember exactly when the Arcturans appeared and were destroyed. This may have occurred entirely in 1998.)

In the beginning, the Arcturans developed friendly relations with the Federation, Romulans and Klingons. They sought to trade with these empires and offered their base of Port Haven as a potential neutral trading post.

They operated several Destroyer class vessels, but they were always in the market for advanced weaponry and technology. They developed or obtained the first Communications System upgrades, which expanded the number of frequencies Comm Consoles on bases and starships could monitor at a time. They tried to trade this technology for photon torpedos and cloaking devices, items which they could not secure for themselves or produce on their own.

It was soon clear, however, that the Arcturans were not simple traders. They quickly got in trouble with the Romulans for trying to steal a cloaking device. In the Federation, when their trade negotiations were not progressing as they hoped, they kidnapped a Federation citizen to hold for ransom. StarFleet Command recommended to the Federation Council that the Arcturans be treated as hostile terrorists as a result of this event. The Romulans proceeded to have some active armed skirmishes with the Arcturans, and the Romulan military began making plans to seize Port Haven to put an end to the Arcturans' terrorist activities. For a time, however, the Arcturans remained on friendly terms with the Klingon Empire.

The Federation, in an effort to stop Arcturan raids and other activities and free the hostage the Arcturans had taken, made several attempts to infiltrate or destroy the syndicate. After a covert operation under the command of Maxwell Stewart failed, StarFleet launched a direct raid against Port Haven, led by Fleet Captain Gavelin Brody and the USS Excelsior.

This raid was largely unsuccessful in that Port Haven was found largely abandoned at the time. Apparently, the syndicate was very small, and its members left their base unattended when they were off on raids or other activities. The StarFleet force did some minor damage to the base, and then withdrew. Lord Kurjan loudly protested this action to the Federation Council.

Some time later, the Ikarans, for reasons known only to themselves, launched an attack on Port Haven. They did significant damage to the base, which at the time was defended by the Arcturans. Port Haven never fully recovered from this attack, as the Arcturans' technical capabilities and resources were limited.

There is some dispute over exactly how the Arcturan Syndicate ended. The Romulans blame the Federation, and certainly it was Federation policy at this time to bring these criminals to justice. But the Romulans had their own serious conflicts with the Arcturans, and used military pressure against them repeatedly.

After the Ikaran attack (NOT before, as the Romulans tend to report), the Federation again returned to Port Haven, occupying the base briefly and driving out the Arcturans (presumably to Klingon space) before withdrawing when it became apparent that the Romulans claimed it as well, and the base itself was not properly equipped for defense after suffering damage in repeated assaults. After the Federation withdrawal, the Arcturans themselves returned to their base in an attempt to pick up the pieces.

Seeing Port Haven in a weakened state, the Romulans launched an assault on it, causing the Arcturans to flee. During the battle, however, the Arcturans revealed that they had equipped their vessels with cloaking devices, and used these to escape the Romulan assault. The Arcturans then fled to their sole remaining friends, the Klingons. The Romulans, realizing that Port Haven was seriously damaged from the series of attacks against it, withdrew back to their own territory rather than attempt to secure the base, recognizing as the Federation had earlier that the station was too badly damaged to be properly defended.

Lord Kurjan sought asylum for his people in the Klingon Empire. However, his arrival at Chronos revealed his possession of Klingon cloaking technology. Emperor K'tohk ordered the Arcturans seized and interrogated to discover how they had obtained such highly classified technology, which it was forbidden to share with outsiders.

It soon became apparent that Lord Kurjan, without the knowledge of the Klingon High Council, had been engaging in secret dealings with a renegade Klingon House. This House supplied the Arcturans with cloaking devices, the manufacturing data cards to reproduce them, and other advanced weaponry, including photon torpedos.

Outraged by this flagrant violation of so many of the Empire's laws concerning outsiders and sharing technology, Emperor K'tohk declared the renegade House outlawed, and seized all its holdings, executing most of its members. He also ordered that the Arcturans be killed. It is believed that Lord Kurjan himself was executed by the Klingons. A short time later, a Klingon task force decloaked near Port Haven, sacked the base, and then destroyed it to prevent any Arcturan survivors from regrouping there.

This was the end of the Arcturan Syndicate.