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Romulan player who was promoted up through the ranks to become Romulan director and Space director, taking over both responsibilities from S'cryn.

Ath was the last aggressive developer of TOS Space. Very popular within his empire, he was somewhat less well liked outside it, as he had a reputation for being somewhat pushy and used his position as Space Director to become more involved in the doings of other empires than had any of his predecessors. He was also known for rejecting many player RP Plots that involved any kind of space assistance, which marked him as distinct from his predecessors.

He was a gifted coder who cleaned up the space DB quite a bit and developed a number of new innovations, including a variant of a sensor network he originally deployed for the Romulans only, and a dynamic pricing system he created to help manage econ.

He left in early 1999 after a series of game crashes and DB corruptions repeatedly wiped out his work. He was never adequately replaced.