Battle of Ikar

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Battle of Ikar
Conflict Ikaran War
Date 1998
Place Over and on Ikar
Result Decisive Alpha Quadrant victory
John Falkenberg The Ikaran Queen†
nine ships
(USS Federation,
USS Excelsior,
ChR Ka'joss Llekhi,
six unknown)
at least 132 unknown

The Battle of Ikar was the climactic battle of the Ikaran War.

An allied fleet of three Federation, two Romulan, two Klingon, and two Tholian vessels traveled through the artificial wormhole used by the Ikarans to reach the Alpha Quadrant, and arrived in the Delta Quadrant near the planet Ikar. In orbit of the planet were six heavily armed defense platforms. Nearby was a small Ikaran Fleet.

The allied Fleet from the Alpha Quadrant, under overall command of StarFleet Fleet Admiral John Falkenberg, assaulted the planet in a desperate bid to end the Ikaran assault on the Alpha Quadrant. Each ship in the allied armada had either a Tholian or a Vulcan aboard to use their psionic power to block out the Ikaran mind control powers. These psionic powers were enhanced by a series of artifacts discovered on a planet believed to have been exterminated by the Ikarans thousands of years ago. While in contact with these artifacts the psionic powers of the Vulcans and Tholians was enhanced to the point that it could protect the whole ship.

Upon beginning the assault, Admiral Falkenberg divided his forces, sending the Romulans to screen against the Ikaran Fleet while the Tholians and StarFleet forces assaulted the orbital platforms, and the Klingons tried to get close enough to the planet to launch a ground assault. The Klingon commander, however, broke the promise of Emperor K'tohk that his forces would follow the allied battle plan, and the Klingon forces thus engaged the battle platforms and Ikaran ships randomly, seriously threatening the integrity of the battle plan and the lives of everyone involved.

During the battle, the Tholians were able to sense the Ikarans' minds, and realized that they were actually a hive mind controlled by a central Queen, located in a hive structure on the surface of Ikar. The battle began to turn against the allied fleet when the Romulan flagship ChR Ka'joss Llekhi was destroyed by Ikaran vessels, with all hands aboard lost. After the Romulans' line broke, the Federation's USS Excelsior was caught between part of the Ikaran fleet and the orbital platforms, and was severely damaged before being rescued by USS Federation and a Tholian cruiser. The Excelsior somehow managed to remain in the fight despite being nearly crippled, selflessly making herself a target for Ikaran attacks while buying time for a desperate bid to end the conflict.

In a daring move, StarFleet Captain Gavelin Brody beamed down alone to the Ikaran hive and managed to kill the Queen. As soon as he did so, all the Ikarans appeared to enter a dormant state, and all combat ceased.

When this occurred, the artificial wormhole began to close, and the Fleet barely made it back through before it collapsed. Thus closed off from the Alpha Quadrant, the fate of the surviving Ikarans was unknown, but it was speculated that they would soon die off without their Queen.