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Career File:Rselogomini.png
First built:  ????
Lead ship: ChR Valoth
Currently in service: ChR Khellian
General Characteristics
Service: Romulan Galae
Type: Cruiser
Length: 150.0 metres
Width: 250.0 metres
Height: 72.0 metres
Mass: 11,500 tons
Propulsion: Unknown
Cruise speed: Warp 8.5
Top speed: Warp 9.00
Sensor array: Type 4 Sensors/Scanners
Docking: Two shuttles
Decks: 4

Engineer's Notes

Like her small sister, Ihlarei, Bloodwing is designed in a modular fashion to allow for on-the-fly upgrades and refits that allow her to perform a wide variety of tasks. The Bloodwing Class owes its existence to the success of the Bird of Prey-class vessel of the same name. Once the Senate became aware of its capabilities, they immediately ordered the ch'Rihan shipyards to develop a new, larger ship class based on the same design and subspace dynamics. They hoped that, with a larger warp-drive, they could double or tripple the destroyer's potential.

They were wrong.

The larger vessel did not have quite the same ability to slip into subspace. Maximum speed, turning radius, and acceleration all suffered in the new design. This new cruiser design did have its advantages, however. Compared to cruisers of other governments, the Bloodwing class seemed to defy the laws of physics. Over time, it produced some of the longest-lasting, most versatile warships in the galaxy, including the famed ChR Valoth, which saw victories in the Klingon war against foes twice its size.

Equipped with a significant arsenal of weaponry and sheilding, Bloodwing is well-able to live up to its namesake's reputation of slow-prowl or easy-kill.

List of Bloodwing-class vessels

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