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A little about the player

Brianne is the newest incarnation of the player known as 'Anne', not to be confused with Anna, created after her previous character Aidoann was killed while trying to escape from the Romulan Star Empire. Thus continues her run of characters on TOS with 'Anne' in the name, although she briefly had a character named Raquel Lions. It was a nice surprise for her player when, although human, Brianne was found to have psionic abilities.


Brianne's full name is Brianne Aodhamair McCree. Despite the daunting spelling of her middle name, it is pronounced EY mur.


Brianne was born and raised in Ireland, near Dublin. After public schooling, and at the urging of her mother and father she attended Cambridge University for 6 years, majoring in Xenobiology and Xenosociology. She also minored in Astrophysics. She spent 3 years at the Academy before graduating and being assigned to the Tardis. Shortly after a reassignment to the Falkenburg, Brianne's thesis (The Evolutionary Effects of Interstellar Travel on Species and Cultures in the Federation) was accepted and she received her PhD in Xenobiology/sociology.


Due to her field of study, and as a hobby, Brianne has a passing knowledge of at least a dozen languages including Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Esperanto Vulcan, Romulan, and Klingon. While not exactly fluent in these languages, she knows the general grammatical structure; many words; and can usually understand what's said to her, even though she may not know how to reply in the same language. She is, of course, fluent in English.


Brianne is mild mannered, though she can have a terrible temper if someone manages to make her angry. She loves antiques and even has a small collection of real paper books.

Current and Recent Events

The 'Cylinder'

This TP never really finished and one wonders if the changes affected by the thing are still in place. The one thing that's certain, however, is that during the course of the plot Brianne showed herself to be rather argumentative at times and serious to the point of rudeness. Despite this not doing her career much good, Brianne somehow managed to get promoted to Lieutenant.

Iris of Ichkal'ia

The Iris of Ichkal'ia was 'discovered' simultaniously by Lieutenant Brianne McCree and Admiral Roger Wilco in the lounge of the USS Falkenberg. As it was beamed in, it's likely somebody else knew about it beforehand. Considering Commodore Rigley O'Connor arrived shortly afterwards and made comments about the object, unnoticed by Wilco and Brianne, he is one likely source. Wilco was the first to pick it up and, after much pleading, reluctantly handed it over to Brianne for examination. Brianne did not want to give it back and Wilco pulled a phaser on her. Brianne bolted and ran into Sokash who, despite her protests, quickly subdued her with a Vulcan nerve pinch under Wilco's orders. When she awoke from the nerve pinch, the object was gone along with Sokash and Wilco.

Brianne fumed about this for several days and was in a generally all-around bad moo, to the point of being ordered off the bridge of the Falkenberg by Captain Michael Smith the day Wilco was killed, being snippy to Commodore O'Connor and arguing with Lt. Commander Oliver Frerdine over the state of the Falkenberg. She continued to brood over the general disorder of things until a couple days later when she suddenly found the Iris in the Falkenberg's lounge again.

Having thought the object gone and destroyed with Wilco, finding the Iris has improved Brianne's mood considerably, to the point of her creeping out other people with all her laughing, smiling and just general good will. Not wanting to have it stolen from her again, Brianne has not told anyone of her findings (this includes not taking it to the lab and having it analyzed). This has led to much speculation and comments about her odd behavior from other Officers as to why she's suddenly so cheerful and laughing about things nobody else would be cheerful or laughing about.