Bryan Gargano

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Bryan Gargano was born in New York city New York, and served as head of StarFleet Base Command and also Captain of Starbase One. and the USS Excalibur-A. Gargano graduated from Starfleet Academy and was posted as medical office onboard Starbase One. There he quickly became known as one of StarFleet’s premiere physicians. Saving the base from more then one virus outbreaks and operating on wounded comrades. Gargano also made a name for himself by establishing the long running. Federation Science and Medical Journal. "A monthly journal for all Star Fleet Science, Medical Officers, and Engineers and Federation Scientists and Medical Professionals"

(Note: See 1999 Mail Terminal archive for examples)

Gargano soon became the XO of Starbase One, proving his command abilities as well as his medical skills. Following the transfer of Captain Shukla from Starbase One to USS Endeavor, Gargano was promoted to Captain of Starbase One. Serving again with distinction Gargano was soon given command of the USS Excalibur, his first posting off of Starbase One. Gargano was later promoted to Admiral and served as head of Starfleet Base Command. He has since retired, but continues his medical practice.