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Cassandra Sartena was born to Matthew and Megan Sartena, who already had a 5-year-old son. She was born, raised and lived on the Utopia Planitia colony on Mars for almost 25 years. Both her father and mother owned a fairly respectable business in the colony and were able to support their family easily.

Cass, as her friends call her, was always the one who wanted to have fun. Her brother had to keep her out of trouble since their parents were fairly busy with work. Cass and Jason, her brother, had a fairly close relationship, which is a little unusual for brother and sister. Cass loved her brother a lot and would do almost everything he said. During her time at school, Cass was the one who would go around and try and make friends with people despite their social standing. She was accepted in almost every social circle and could often be seen going from one to another. She didn't really have any plan for the future except to get through school and think about it later. When she finished school, she decided that she might like to follow in her parents footsteps so asked if she could work with them every now and then. Jason had already become a test pilot for Starfleet. When Jason married Kacey, Cass was excited that she would now have a sister and quickly became friends with her. The death of Jason in a shuttle accident seriously affected Cass, causing her to fall into a depression. Despite attempts from her family, including Kacey, she stayed in that depression for some time. Then one day, she decided it would be best to continue with her life. She no long thought going into business was what she wanted, so she decided to follow Kacey into Starfleet. At this time, Kacey had already graduated from the academy and was glad that her sister would be joining her. Cass decided that engineering would be the way to go since she was always interested in her brother's new test ships. It wasn't long before Cass was ready to apply for Starfleet Academy.

Cass is always willing to make friends with anyone who wishes it. This has caused some problems in the past. Cass is generally a friendly person, but gets fairly quiet when people move too close to the subject of her brother. She tries to tell everyone she isn't that brave, but most people who know her don't believe her. She very rarely acts sad, trying to keep a good attitude about everything.

Cass has had an interesting career, but sadly it's one filled with personal problems which caused several personal leaves. She was pulled from the academy fairly early by none other than Robert Tagrith. She was chosen to be part of a small group of cadets who were to be trained by Tagrith out in the field. It's there she learned most of what she knows and learned to respect Tagrith and his ways. Therefor it was quite a shock to her when he was executed by the Klingons. However, she continued with her duties, using the things that Tagrith had taught her.

The early part of Cass' career happened around when the number of officers in the fleet was very low, so she rose quite quickly through the ranks as an engineer. It wasn't long before she was given her own command. She was rather surprised when this happened cause she didn't really believe herself to be command material, but she accepted the position anyway because of the lack of good officers. She slowly started molding her crew into a team, using the things that Tagrith had taught her. Things were going well when fate decided to throw her a bad card. She had to leave the service rather quickly due to serious family problems. It's only now that she's returned to service and hopes that fate will bother someone else for a while.

Seems that Cass was fate's favourite plaything though. Things were fairly normal for a while, then Cass was reassigned. She ended up spending quite a while, jumping from assignment to assignment in the more remote areas of the UFP. SFC had her going around, inspecting and fixing different SF assets while also giving the pre-existing engineering crews more training. Her last assignment was the Utopia Planitia Shipyards orbiting Mars. She was glad to be able to get home for once and was able to spend some of her off time with family and old friends. She was then reassigned once again, this time to the Falkenberg. That is where she is serving at the moment, but who knows when fate is going to throw another pitch her way.