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(Reffered to as 'Remus' by foreigners.)

Affiliation: Romulan
Class: M
Location: Alpha+ 25:28:12

X: -26.40
Y: 152.66
Z: 0.00

Gravity: 0.80 g
Orbital Speed: 412 km/s
Mean Temperature: 21.15 C
Population: 7.1 Billion
Volume: 1728.0 Mm
Satellites of note: none. Sister planet: Ch'Rihan
Parent Star(s): Eisn

Climate and Atmosphere

  • Nitrogen 73.4%
  • Oxygen 24.5%
  • Argon 0.8%
  • Inert Gasses 0.3%

Predominantly temperate with some desert regions. Boreal and deciduous forests are the primary ecological habitat. Excessive geological stresses from Remus' twin sister continue to visibly shape and alter the climate of this planet.


Ch'Havran is the smaller of the two class M planets in the Eisn system, the other named Ch'Rihan. Like a binary star, these planets are locked in orbit around each other, spinning around a point in space as they rotate around Eisn. Where Ch'Rihan tends to be largely immune to the effects of this close dance, Ch'Havran has suffered more. The orbital configuration of these sister planets, however, is extremely fortunate-the gravitational stresses are significantly dampened or, in some cases, cancelled out completely.


Thanks to billions of years of cohabitation with Ch'Rihan, Ch'Havran has developed enormous mountain ranges across most of its surface. Similar instances of this sort of behavior have been recorded on moons of very large planets. The tectonic plates rise and fall in tides, just as the oceans of smaller planet-moon configurations have been known to do. This generates extra heat from friction and helps to circulate planetary magma. In effect, the rate of geological reshaping is greatly increased.

Ch'Havran is not nearly as nice a place as Ch'Rihan. It is as habitable as some of the best M-class planets, but its ecology and climate can appear to be much worse when compared to its pristine sister. Throughout its history, ch'Havran has suffered droughts, famines, and catastrophic storms. These are all commonplace events on other worlds, but almost unheard of on Ch'Rihan. As a result, ch'Rihan has attracted some of the less fortunate of the Romulan people, decreasing its efficiency as a contributor to the Romulan Star Empire.

Ch'Havran is, nevertheless, still one of the Homeworlds that make the Romulan Star Empire possible. Its turbulent past has provided the Romulans with many resources in the past. Revolution was perhaps the chief export of this planet in the past, but today, thanks to technological advances, Ch'Havran is a prime producer of agricultural goods and a key player in Imperial life.