ChR Aen'Rhien

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File:Rom bloodwing.gif
ChR Aen'Rhien testing impulse engines.
Commissioned: Still under construction
Class: Bloodwing-class Cruiser, MkII
Service: Not commissioned yet.
General Characteristics
Service: Romulan Galae
Type: Cruiser
Propulsion: Two Warp nacelles, Impulse engines.
Cruise speed: Warp 8.5
Top speed: Warp 9.0
Sensor array: Type 4 Sensors/Scanners
Docking: Two shuttles
Decks: 4

Translation of Aen'Rhien : 'Winged Carrier'

The Aen'Rhien is the flagship of the new Mark II Bloodwing Cruisers, and was slated to take the place as the Galae's Flagship since the loss of the ChR Valoth. Further testing and modification of the ship was neccessary however, so the ChR Khellian was commissioned in it's place for now.

The ship is currently being held in reserve dock for testing of advancements, and may be released for active duty as a Bloodwing-class Mark IIB.