ChR Aen'Terrh

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File:Rom warscout.jpg
ChR Aen'Terrh looking for prey.
Commissioned: 2000
Class: Pennon-class Scout, MkII
Service: Destroyed by Klingons, 11/12/05.
General Characteristics
Service: Romulan Galae
Type: Scout
Propulsion: Two Warp nacelles, Impulse engines.
Cruise speed: Warp 12.2
Top speed: Warp 13.0
Sensor array: Type 4 Sensors/Scanners
Docking: One shuttle
Decks: 1

The translation of Aen'Terrh is "Wing of the Night", or more specifically, "Night-Wing".

The new Mark II Pennon Class warscouts are the replacement of the aging Mark I vessels, such as the ChR Llaudh. Sleeker, more agile, and exactly what the Rihannsu Galae was hoping for in a scout, the Romulans' preferred recon workhorse.

As a curious sidenote, the Aen'Terrh's brother ship, the ChR Khal'Terrh, "Night-Eye", was first off the line and expected for delivery by the Galae. The ship never made it however, since the inexperienced construction crew tasked with delivery of the vessel experienced a navigational error and the ship was destroyed. The second vessel off of the production schedule, the Aen'Terrh, was delivered to the Galae 2 months later, intact. The Galae has been exceptionally pleased with the new warscout, and the go-ahead for continued construction for more has been authorized.

The ChR Aen'Terrh was destroyed November 12th, 2005. The vessel was under the command of Riov S'Kard tr'Vriehu at the time, Riov Sonnilah tr'Khnialmnae serving as FO. stationary near Nimbus III while releasing a Federation Prisoner and their shuttle to the Nimbusians. While the shuttle was being tractored off the ship, an unknown Klingon vessel decloaked, and rapidly destroyed the Scout within a few moments. All hands were lost, including the Federation prisoner and the shuttle.