ChR Ka'joss Llekhi

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File:Rom big blacklight.gif
ChR Ka'joss Llekhi on it's way to open a can of whoop-ass on the Ikarans.
Commissioned: August 1997.
Class: Blacklight-class Battleship, MkI
Service: Destroyed February 1998.
General Characteristics
Service: Romulan Galae
Type: Battleship
Propulsion: Two Warp nacelles, Impulse engines.
Cruise speed: Warp 7.3
Top speed: Warp 8.0
Sensor array: Type 4 Sensors/Scanners
Docking: Two shuttles
Decks: 6

Commander History:

khre'Riov Salkin tr'Vaebn
Riov Giellun tr'Rhelliael-thra'ein
Riov Nniol tr'Annhwi

The Romulan's first battleship, the commissoning of which was kept in a shroud of secrecy at the time. The First Romulan-Klingon War having recently ended, one of the peace treaty stipulations was a forced ban of no new military ship creation on the Romulans for a period of 3 months. The Ka'joss Llekhi (BlackLight), had already been under construction, but was delayed due to the ban.

The building Arcturan Syndicate and Ikaran crisis however forced the Romulans to go ahead and commission the ship before the ban was lifted, and so it was done with no ceremony. With the Blacklight now in service, the balance of power once again shifted to favor the Romulans even more after their victory over the Klingons.

khre'Riov Salkin tr'Vaebn was given first command of the Blacklight, shortly before his retirement, with erei'Riov Giellun tr'Rhelliael-thra'ein serving as his First Officer.

During the final stages of the Ikaran War, the Blacklight (now commanded by Nniol) flew point in the final attack, and incurred a lot of damage to the Tholian defense force before finally succumbing to the superior numbers. Although destroyed, it allowed the remainder of the combined-Empire fleet to continue their plan with less resistance.

  • Commissioned August 1997.
  • Destroyed Feb 28th, 1998.