ChR Llaudh

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File:Rom pennon.gif
ChR Llaudh on the prowl!
Commissioned: October 21, 1996
Class: Pennon-class Scout, MkI
Service: Retired from Galae service 2003.
General Characteristics
Service: Romulan Galae
Type: Scout
Propulsion: Two Warp nacelles, Impulse engines.
Cruise speed: Warp 12.2
Top speed: Warp 13.0
Sensor array: Type 4 Sensors/Scanners
Docking: One shuttle
Decks: 1

In Romulan, 'Llaudh' means 'Sneaky One', and this scout, one of TOS's original ships, always lived up to its name. The most used vessel in Rom history, and probably the one with the most 'kills', the Llaudh was a favorite tool of the Sneaky Rommies, due to their preference for speed and stealth over brute force.

There have not been many permanent commanders of the Llaudh, due to it's special duty service record, but many have commanded it in notable engagements, including:

S'Cryn tr'Khnialmnae
Giellun tr'Rhelliael-thra'ein
S'Kurn tr'Mnhaell'hu
S'Kard tr'Vriehu
H'Daen tr'Vaebn
Sonnilah tr'Khnialmnae
Ra'kholh tr'Vaebn
Athaorh tr'Mnhaell'hu

Due to it's antiquity, the Llaudh was planned for retirement soon, to ensure it leaves the sport at the top of it's game, unlike Jerry Rice. In a controversial move however. s'Mnhaell'hu sponsored purchasing of the vessel for 'antiquity' sake. Not much has been done in that regard though, and the Llaudh has been suspected of being used for questionable activities.

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