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Clayton J. Stabu was a long-running and sometimes controversial officer who served in a variety of capacities in and out of StarFleet.

While this author does not know all the details of his early career, Stabu rose to prominence aboard the original Constitution-class USS Excalibur, where he rose to the position of First Officer under Captain Daphne.

After the Excalibur was decommissioned, Stabu was transferred to Starbase One, where he served as a security officer and later first officer under Rear Admiral Gwynne. After Gwynne's death, Stabu was promoted to Captain and given command of the starbase. After the destruction of the USS Yorktown, in recognition of Stabu's seniority within the Fleet after the death of a sizable portion of its personnel, he was promoted by Fleet Admiral Robert Morse to the rank of Rear Admiral, a rank he held for several years.

Stabu, as commander of the starbase and de facto head of StarFleet Base Command, frequently butted heads with Morse's successors, Fleet Admirals Mitch Blackman and John Falkenberg, over what he frequently referred to as their favoritism for StarFleet Naval Command's ships. Stabu felt that his starbase was given fewer academy graduates, and that the best young officers in the fleet were typically assigned to the ships. He also often claimed that any promising officer who managed to make a name for himself aboard the base was quickly transferred to a ship, leaving the base shortchanged.

All of these accusations were essentially true, as Blackman and Falkenberg both believed that the ships were the more important and more valuable segment of the Fleet. Stabu often complained that Starbase One was treated essentially as little more than a garage. He was also angered when the Federation Council urged the promotion of Falkenberg, who was junior to Stabu in length of service, to full Admiral and head of Naval Command during Blackman's administration while Stabu remained a Rear Admiral, and was uncomfortable that Falkenberg was recommended by Blackman to be his successor as Fleet Admiral upon Blackman's retirement, despite Stabu's longer service at flag rank.

One of the longest-running complaints Stabu had with StarFleet Command was their reluctant response to his demands for a scout-class vessel to be made available for the crew of Starbase One. Prior to Admiral Blackman's retirement, he finally conceded to this request, commissioning USS Banneker and assigning it to SFBC and Starbase One. After finally getting his ship, Stabu rarely took her out on his own, but frequently assigned his First Officers to operate the Banneker in his absence.

Both Blackman and Falkenberg found Stabu's demanding style to be trying at times. Falkenberg, upon assuming command of the Fleet, worked to build a good relationship with Stabu in spite of Stabu's discomfort over being passed over for promotion. The two did manage to maintain a friendship, but it was often strained by Stabu's lack of satisfaction over the distribution of Fleet personnel and resources for his base.

Stabu had a very gruff personal style that some officers who served under him on Starbase One found difficult to understand. As a result, it was not uncommon for officers to request transfers away from the base. It should be noted, however, that duty aboard a Starbase is insanely boring, and even the best commanding officers have struggled to make it anything less than a dead-end assignment. This was not Stabu's fault, although he did tend to blame all of the problems of the base and its personnel on the fact that Naval Command was "favored" in the distribution of quality personnel. While he was not wrong, one could suggest a certain chicken-and-egg dilemma to this little problem. Which came first: the base as a dead-end job or the deliberate shifting by StarFleet Command of the best personnel elsewhere?

Stabu also frequently had run-ins with members of the Federation Merchant Marine, who he clearly did not like having aboard "his" base. He made no secret of his dislike for the "glorified truck drivers" (a derogatory term for FMMers widely used in StarFleet, most likely coined by Stabu) and established regulations severely limiting their freedom on the base. In particular, he tended to have frequent clashes with Dolfan, a member of the FMM who later, to Stabu's great chagrin, joined StarFleet. Stabu was tremendously pleased when the FTC opened Port Alamo, shifting the majority of FMM activity there.

Gradually, Fleet Admiral Falkenberg tried to placate Stabu by giving him more valuable personnel. Some of the fine officers who were assigned to the base during this time included Thomas Lynx and Sedack. Over time, however, Falkenberg became concerned that Stabu had lost his drive to lead the base personnel. He thus requested that Stabu take over management of SFBC full time, and assigned Stephan Hansen to assume command of Starbase One, under Stabu's authority. Thus the base was no longer under Rear Admiral Stabu's personal command. Falkenberg hoped that giving Stabu the opportunity to plan new starbases and giving him a greater role in the distribution of fleet resources, while reducing his immediate command influence over the base, would restore some of Stabu's old fire.

Instead, Stabu became very unhappy, and repeatedly requested that he be promoted from Rear Admiral to full Admiral. He became particularly insistent on this point when Gavelin Brody was promoted to Rear Admiral and made head of StarFleet Naval Command, becoming Stabu's equal in both rank and position. Stabu had never liked the former FMMer, and resented again his own lack of advancement. When his requests for promotion were denied, he had a falling out with Admiral Falkenberg, and resigned from StarFleet. He took a job working for the office of the President of Earth as Security Minister. Ultimately, however, this did not work out, and he pursued other alternatives in private life.

After the final retirement of Falkenberg, however, Stabu returned to the Fleet. Ultimately, he got the promotion he had long sought, and was tapped to become Fleet Admiral.

He was one of Starfleet's more effective officers during the relatively dark intermediary period after the departure of Falkenberg and many of the other top officers who had comprised StarFleet Command during his tenure.

A Vulcan with a very human-like name, Stabu gained fame for serving as an effective care-taker Starfleet Commander-in-Chief after Jacien left the post vacant, and doing something to restore the flagging Fleet back to strength.

Stabu was reasonably capable, and in his earlier years was actually fairly easy to get along with. As time grew longer, he became fond of boasting in no uncertain terms about how he had 'saved' Starfleet and how he was the greatest CinC who ever lived, which did not endear him to his fellows. Eventually Stabu was put under presure and retired. Stabu eventually returned to service as part of Starfleet Operations until the destruction of the USS Excalibur, which he was onboard, killed him.

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