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The Starfleet Academy Commandant is the leader of Starfleet Academy and the single person most responsible for training the future of Starfleet. The Commandant is based on Earth, and is usually not a duty officer in other roles, however, Commandants have often travelled on starship cruises. More than a few have been killed on them, meaning that, bizarrely, Commandant is one of Starfleet's most hazardous positions.

The Commandant's Life

Duties of the Commandant

The Commandant does not, generally, control the subjects taught to Cadets. This duty usually falls to the Commander-in-Chief, and it is merely the Commandant's job to ensure that this instruction is given in the best possible way. Each Commandant has exercized a great deal of personal discretion during their careers, and the instruction regime between various Commandants can be as different as night and day. For instance, several commandants have pursued a policy of giving cadets long internships and elaborate graduation ceremonies. More recent commandants, such as Admiral Richard Tulani have followed a much more case-by-case basis, with internship being less of a fixed length and maybe even being skipped entirely for most promising cadets.

It is the Commandant's job to handle almost all of the duties involved in training a cadet, both in terms of paperwork and in terms of the actual training process. The only exception is that the Commandant generally doesn't command the cadets on internship, for simple reasons of practicality and logistics. However, the cadet is generally still ultimately responsible to the Commandant, and obviously must obey his orders.

Rank Stature

Because of the fact that they are the direct superior of a large body of Cadets, the Commandant naturally occupies a relatively high position in the chain of command. However, relative to the other officers in Starfleet Command, the Commandant's rank can vary wildly. Commandants have ranged from being an Admiral (Richard Tulani, among others) to a mere Lieutenant (Anne Lions), to all of the ranks in between. Obviously, the fact that they are merely bossing cadets around means they do not require a great rank, however, some people think that the idea of cadets being trained by somebody not considered responsible enough to command a starship department might be a little bit odd.

Part of the reason for low-ranking officers commanding the Academy, especially in relatively recent years, is that the Academy is seen as a God-awful assignment, a thankless duty involving sitting around on Earth, trying to train bad habits out of relatively stupid people, dealing with the occaisonal complete moron who dies or starts a war or does something equally inept, missing all of the fun bits, and often running into things. It has been speculated, without a great deal of credibility, that the reason so many Commandants have died in starship accidents is that they committed a massive murder-suicide rather than face the possibility of another day administering the Academy. As a result, some brass have advised that all Commandants be subjected to regular psychological tests. So far, this has not borne fruit. It's also worth noting that Starfleet Command itself considers this posting something of a dead-end job; officers who refuse to simply retire, yet are not capable of advancement in a real job are often pushed here, just to get them to shut up for a while. This is probably not the best tactic, since they tend to either be bitter, or simply incapable, so cadets tend to get poor instruction.

It must be said that many Commandants have enjoyed their work, and had great popularity among both the cadets they trained and their fellow officers. However, it can be safely said that these noble people are the exceptions, rather than the rule.

List of Commandants of Starfleet Academy

as always, this list is incomplete, and probably out of order