D'Hajhudh Tragedy

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Only weeks after the glorious victory over the Kll'inghanns, ChR Ihlarei accidentally crashed into an RHA freighter, HgR D'Hajhudh. Nobody knows exactly why it happened, but it seems it was a piloting error on behalf of the Ihlarei's Riov, Aidoann t'Khnialmnae.

Both ships were destroyed in the process: 14 lives were taken, including the acting Fvillha, Velvok tr'Vaebn. The incident was bitterly ironic, after not having lost any lives in the First Romulan-Klingon War, and many took it as a clear sign from the Elements that they, not us, were in control of the lives of the Rihannsu people.

The RHA soon replaced their ship by the HgR Ja'telaih. The Galae, however, were still under the 90-day ship building ban imposed by the treaty with the Kll'inghanns. In utter secrecy, the Galae began the construction of the biggest battleship ever seen in the Empire -- the ChR Ka'joss Llekhi, also known as 'Blacklight'. One of the survivors of the crash, Salkin tr'Vaebn was promoted to Riov and assigned command of the ChR Llaudh, with erei'Riov Khell tr'Rhelliael-thra'ein as the first officer.

From that point on, until the completion of the Blacklight, the Llaudh was the Empire's most feared and most famous ship. One time a Federation battleship - USS Federation - ran away when confronted by ChR Llaudh, a scout. Hard times for the empire were not over yet, however. Soon afterwards, galae'Riov S'Dok tr'Mnhaellhu died in a shuttle crash over Ch'Rihan. The Empire was mourning.

The new galae'Enriov was Nnavar tr'Joachim who continued to run the Galae with an iron fist for the next few decades. He disbanded the Efk'khelh, the special police, and turned it into a secretive organisation with hand-picked members who kept him updated on everything that was going on in the Empire. The rumours and complaints quickly stopped as anyone could have been an Efk'Khelh member. This way the Empire struggled through the three months until the Ka'joss Llekhi was built and the Empire started a new era of glory.