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Affiliation: Romulan
Class: M
Location: Alpha+ 22:20:06

X: -38.64
Y: -92.23
Z: 0.00

Gravity: 0.77 g
Orbital Speed: 291 km/s
Mean Temperature: 30.01 C
Population: 1.3 Billion
Volume: 1728.0 Mm
Satellites of note: none.
Parent Star(s): Ilu'thurim

Climate and Atmosphere

  • Nitrogen 78.0%
  • Oxygen 20.9%
  • Argon 0.9%
  • Inert Gasses 0.2%

Predominantly desert. Solar bombardment has added a mild negative charge to the atmosphere. This contributes energy to the already powerful weather. Static charges throughout the planet may interfere with some tools, and may be hazardous to humanoid life during extreme storm conditions.


Despite arid conditions and powerful storms, D'Ranthi qualifies as an M-class world. Humanoid life can be sustained without excessive scientific intervention, though it would be difficult to succeed here under those conditions. Romulan occupation of this world has resulted in a minor improvement in the environment.


Today, D'Ranthi serves as a minor religious haven. Romulans from across the Empire come here to test themselves against the uncompromising environment and to reach spiritual enlightenment through close contact with the elements of earth, fire, and air.