Dana Longmuir

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Dana "Longshot" Longmuir was a Commandant of Starfleet Academy appointed by Fleet Admiral Neil Shukla.

Longmuir was a hands on Commandant, and frequently assisted Academy teachers by giving shuttlecraft lessons. It was during one of these lessons that she met her end, when durring a shuttle training mission with two cadets the shuttle collided with the moon. Contrary to belief by some, Longmuir did not mass suicide with those two cadets. She was trying to give a flight lesson and the cadet at the helm of the shuttle decided it would be fun to play chicken with the Moon.

He died with Commandant Longmuir - who was swearing a blue streak when she died.

Her last words..."YOU IDIOT!!!"

The Starfleet Academy Administration Lobby was re-named the Starfleet Academy Dana Longmuir Administration Lobby in her honor.