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Hm, does anyone remember Admiral Dentax? I seem to remember he was a rogue Admiral, tied to several assassination plots. I creating this link because I remember him playing a huge role in the plots of the time - this was somewhere in 2001 or 2002. Feel free to completely edit this link!

Dante: I can take credit? for this particular character. The plan was to have the whole thing run as a metaplot, but due to the OOC political considerations of the day (cough), there wasn't enough time to do everything I intended, so the plot ended rather poorly, much to my considerable dismay.

However, now that things have lightened up considerably, I'm pondering the idea of reviving it in one form or another. He's still alive, ICly, so who knows. ... :P

Quick note: his full name was 'Corvan Dentax'. Yes, I managed to dig that up. He had a comrade named Commodore Baraka Sabo'tok. – Wilco