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Dolfan was a very popular and mischievous player who had several incarnations on TOS, and was best known for her unswerving ability to irritate certain Vulcans and Starbase One commanders. Her longest running, best known character was Melissa Fernandez-Flemnos, who was commonly known simply as Dolfan.

Dolfan began her career in the Federation Merchant Marine, during the time period when Gavelin Brody and Denna Kalouri were prominent in that organization. Dolfan was at this time a very vocal critic of StarFleet, during a period in which StarFleet and the FMM were very much in competition with each other (and, in the wake of the loss of USS Yorktown and the crippling effects that had on StarFleet, FMM was very much winning that competition.) It is entirely possible that it was Dolfan who coined the term "twinkFleet," the derogatory name assigned by many FMMers to StarFleet.

Dolfan was trained as a doctor, and served aboard the FMM vessels FSS Neon and FSS North Star. She participated in many adventures with FMM when, under Brody's leadership, that organization served more as a roving band of adventurers than a merchant fleet. She was part of the FMM efforts to track down and bring to justice the terrorist group Magenta Squad. She later married Jeff Flemnos, a fellow officer in the FMM, who later went on to serve in the FTC.

Some time later, when Brody returned to StarFleet where he belonged, Dolfan and a number of other FMMers who had served under him swallowed their pride and registered for StarFleet Academy, where she quickly gained a reputation for irreverance and troublemaking. Nevertheless, commandant Galinda Myron ultimately graduated Dolfan, and she was assigned to USS Excelsior under Brody's command, largely because it was believed he was the only person who could control her. She eventually reached the position of Chief Medical Officer under Brody's command.

Her reputation as a troublemaker would only be enhanced by her stay in StarFleet, however. In particular, Dolfan seemed to have the uncanny habit of running afoul of Rear Admiral Clayton Stabu, who at the time commanded Starbase One. On repeated occasions he threatened or attempted to bring her up on disciplinary charges, only to have his superiors, Fleet Admirals Mitch Blackman and John Falkenberg, intervene on Dolfan's behalf. It was suspected by many in the fleet that both of these CinCs found Dolfan's effect on the otherwise stuffy Stabu amusing, and protected her from serious disciplinary action for that reason. Nevertheless, Stabu's complaints against her did go on her StarFleet record.

Dolfan's unmatched ability to find trouble wherever it lurked reared its head again with the emergence of the Arcturan Syndicate. When the Arcturans were not getting the kinds of trade concessions they desired from the Federation, they kidnapped Dolfan, and attempted to hold her for ransom. Eventually, she was released, possibly because of StarFleet pressure and possibly because she drove her captors batty. The incident, however, led StarFleet Command to label the Arcturans as terrorists, and began the protracted conflict that contributed to the Arcturans' ultimate downfall.

Dolfan also nearly caused a major diplomatic incident with the Klingons during the negotiations on Starbase One between the four empires over forming an alliance to combat the Ikarans. When Emperor K'tohk, leader of the Klingon Empire, visited the Neutral Zone Bar on the starbase, the young lieutenant Dolfan casually mentioned to him that she could not understand the Klingon obsession with honor when, in her experience, Klingons tended to act completely without honor. A number of her superior officers and Federation Diplomats nearby nearly fainted in horror, and feared that the Klingon leader would disembowel the doctor on the spot. K'tohk, however, laughed, and apparently respected her daring and courage, letting the comment pass.

It was because of this tendency to cause major interstellar incidents that UFP Chief Diplomat and later President Jacien developed an intense dislike for Dolfan. It seems the stoic Vulcan began to believe that she was intentionally going around creating headaches for him wherever she could. There may have been some truth in that suspicion, as she seemed to take pleasure in Jacien's frustration.

Dolfan ultimately was promoted to the rank of commander and became the Excelsior's first officer under Captain Greg Hamilton. There were many in StarFleet who were wary of this promotion given Dolfan's reputation and history, but she was strongly recommended for the position by both Hamilton and his predecessor, Gavelin Brody. Dolfan was aboard the Excelsior during the Battle of Ikar.

She served in the position of first officer for a short time when two Klingons got loose on Starbase One and, in a seemingly random act of violence, shot Dolfan and Hamilton on the base's docking hub.

Dolfan's player, however, remained on TOS for a while after that, and her most famous secondary incarnation was Cubana, who did a bunch of other stuff I don't really remember, including (I think) starting her own terrorist group, stealing the FSS Neon, and getting it blown up by somebody or other.

She ultimately left TOS as part of what is sometimes called The Great Defection.