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Ehdeidl Thlroi
Affiliation: Romulan Romulan
Class: M3 M3
Location: Alpha+ 28:34:18

X: 0.00
Y: 0.00
Z: 0.00

Alpha+ 28:34:18

X: 2380.10
Y: 346.56
Z: -34.86

Surface Gravity: 30.424 G 30.501 G
Surface Temperature: 1964 K 2008 K
Mean Density: 1233 kg/m 1233 kg/m
Luminosity: 4.43 x 10^26 W 4.48 x 10^26 W
Volume: 2.7 Gm 2.7 Gm
Core Temperature: 20,000,000 K 20,000,000 K
Satellites of note: Thieurrull Thieurrull


Ehdeidl and Thlroi are textbook-average M-class stars. Metallic oxides are prevalent, especially titanium oxides. Its emissions are standard and unimpressive. Like the majority of stars in this galaxy, these stars are partners in a binary configuration.


In this galaxy, most solar systems never form planets. The vast majority of stars are alone, having absorbed all of the nearby mass before it could collect into planets and moons. Rarer still are solar systems with life-sustaining planets. It should come as no surprsie, then, that the single planet in this system that contains a breathable atmosphere is devoid of life and only barely habitable.