FSY Relativity

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FSY Relativity in position
Career File:Ufplogomini.png
Ordered: 2005
Commissioned: January 26, 2005
Fate: in active service
General Characteristics
Service: Federation
Registry: FS-03
Class: Relativity
Type: Outpost
Propulsion: 2x starbase orbital thrusters
Cruise speed: 0 km/h
Top speed: 0 km/h
Sensor array: Type 4 Sensors/Scanners
Docking: 6x starship docking ports
full shuttlebay

FSY Relativity is a Federation civilian outpost, located only a few sectors outside of the main military infrastructure centered on Earth and Starbase One. Relativity is one of the most oft-delayed projects in Federation history, having been originally conceived shortly after the destruction of Port Alamo by the USS Excalibur during the Mirror Universe crisis. However, it was several years until the new civilian outpost was commissioned, to provide a place for the resurgent, space-faring companies of the Federation such as Central Industry Productions to do their thing.

Relativity, being a new outpost, does not have much history and does not have a lot to be said about it. Unlike Starbase One, Relativity is not a Starfleet facility, and as such is not a permenant station for any Starfleet vessels. However, as with all aspects of Federation space, Starfleet is usually tasked with protecting the outpost from opposing incursion. Thanks to Relativity's near proximity to Earth, luckily, this is not an exceptionally demanding task.

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