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Todo List

This is a list of the current projects that the FedAdmin are currently working on. If you are a FedAdmin and have a project under works, add it here, and be sure to update the status. If there is a project that is currently unclaimed, and you are a FedAdmin.. feel free to claim it. Non FedAdmin, please don't edit this list.

Name Priority Status Admin
Rebuild USS Federation High 10% Dante
Updated Security Console Med 10% Othic
Build UFP Building Med 10% Othic
Revise SFA Courses Med 5% Othic
Build OP Vigilance Low 20% Othic
Revise FedNews Low 20% Othic
Course Writing Console Low 5% Othic
Federation Econ Trading System Low 80% Othic

Todo Requests

Well, if you aren't a FedAdmin, you can still put stuff here. If you need something done (please, only major things. Bug reports and little things can be handled with +mail), post it here along with your name so we can contact you with specifics.