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The Federation Director, or Federation Head Admin after the demise of the empire director position, is the OOC leader of the United Federation of Planets. The HA is responsible for maintaining things, keeping the empire-specific code going, decreeing OOC policy, and, depending on the policies of the individual HA, may interfere in RP-mode life more or less often.

The Federation Head Admin is exactly like the other empire Head Admins, except much cooler.

List of Federation Directors

  • MacGyver, believe it or not. And you shouldn't, but there it is
  • Natua, retired due to RL commitments but later staged a comeback as a Starfleet officer
  • Findal (previously erroneously identified as Yingwe, who was someone entirely different)
  • Alfred, endured personal arguments with MacGyver and later went Tholian
  • Shadow, retired for RL reasons
  • Andy, retired but supposedly still shows up now and again

After the reign of Andy (presumably), MacGyver abolished the position of Empire Director and brought in the more limited position of Empire Head Admin.

List of Federation Head Admins

  • Wilton, in one of TOS's historical ultimate blasts from the past
  • Falkenberg, Short lived second HA. Best known as FA at multiple times.
  • Solan, who's still kinda around and flush with ancientry
  • tiResias, as Greg, who is forever
  • Ice/Neo, who still pops his head in
  • Othic, who is the coolest ever