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Under construction

Starbase 45 (SB45)

to be commissioned. Ournal-class starbase. Registration number S-4.

USS Pinafore

to be commissioned. Hermes-class scout. Registration number NCC-934.

In Active Service

Starbase One (SB1)

Commissioned in March 1994. Ournal-class starbase. Registration number S-1.

FSY Relativity

Commissioned on January 26, 2005, around stardate 13296. Federation civilian outpost.

USS Tardis

Commissioned in September 2004. Constellation-class cruiser. Built by Wilco and Harrison. Registration number NCC-1963. Flagship of Tardis Flight Group.

USS Pericles

Commissioned in September 2004. Miranda-class destroyer. Built by Othic. Registration number NCC-1024.

USS Inquisitor

Commissioned on March 1, 2005. Akula-class destroyer. Built by Othic and Wilco. Registration number NCC-2104.

USS Falkenberg

Completed on April 15, 2005. Commissioned April 18th, 2005 (Stardate 13379.22). Excelsior-class cruiser. Built by Othic and Wilco. Registration number NCC-2055. Named after Admiral John Falkenberg.

In Reserve

USS Federation

Commissioned in March 1994. Nichter-class battleship. Currently in refit directed by Captain Rigley O'Connor. Originally built by Mitch; the first version consisted of 10 complete decks and over 90 rooms. When space came online in 1996 she did not meet the required room limitations. Completely re-built by John Falkenberg in 1996. Re-built again a few years later under the command of Jeremiah Banks. Registration number NCC-2100-A. Former Starfleet flagship. Has served as a Starfleet Academy training ship.

USS Banneker

Commissioned in 1998. Oberth-class scout. Registration number NCC-960. Originally built by Mitch Blackman. Refit in January 2005.

USS Sydney

Commissioned in December 2002. Hermes-class scout. Registration number NCC-1211, refit as NCC-4852. Currently in reserve.

USS Morse

Commissioned in April 2003. Miranda-class destroyer. Built by Raquel. Registration number NCC-1897. Named after Admiral Robert Morse.

  • November, 2003, presented with Admirality Ship Citation for noble service in protection of the Federation.

Destroyed or Lost

Port Alamo

Commissioned in the early 1990s. Federation Trade Commission outpost.

  • Destroyed by a Starfleet task force in an abortive attempt to retake the installation from Mirror Universe personnel.

FSS Sebring

Commissioned around 1998. Federation Trade Commission patrol vessel. Sebring-class destroyer, the only one of its kind ever built.

  • Destroyed attempting to assist StarFleet during a skirmish with Klingons when a less-than-bright FTC officer, lieutenant Sorkon, failed to raise her shields.
  • Was replaced by FSS Redeemer, so named to 'redeem' the reputation of the FTC after the moronic destruction of its first ship.

USS Yorktown

Commissioned in the early 1990s. Constitution-class cruiser. Registration NCC-1717.

  • Lost in collision with Sol in 1996 due to navigational malfunction; later investigation suggested possibility of sabotage. All hands were lost; losses included a number of members of the crew of Starbase One who were onboard for training purposes. This was seen at the time as one of the worst disasters in StarFleet history.
    • OOC Note: This was the first ship permanently lost due to collision after TOS Space 3.0 came online in the fall of 1996, enabling death by collision for the first time on TOS. Yorktown crashed a few weeks after the grace period declared by the directors, during which collisions would be retconned as people learned the system, had expired.

USS Intrepid

Commissioned in 1996. Hermes-class scout. Built by Zac LeVasseur.

  • Lost in collision with the planet Centaurus due to a navigational error during a StarFleet Academy training mission.

USS Excalibur

Commissioned in the mid-1990s. Constitution-class cruiser. Registration number NCC-1705.

  • Decommissioned in 1995, later scrapped. Namesake of the later USS Excalibur, NCC-1705-A.

USS Excelsior

Commissioned in the early 1990s. Excelsior-class cruiser. Registration number NCC-2000. Built by Wylde.

  • A famous and highly active ship until she was lost in 1998, and a highly requested posting of academy graduates.
  • Crashed into Sol in 1998 as a result of navigational malfunction. All hands lost. (Contrary to apparent belief, the loss of the Excelsior was long after the establishment of the StarFleet No Warp Zone.)

USS Republic

Commissioned in the mid 1990s. Miranda-class destroyer.

  • Crashed into Starbase One in 1999 as a result of navigational malfunction, causing severe damage to the base and destroying the Republic. (Contrary to rumor, the StarFleet No Warp Zone had long been in force at the time of this collision, and in fact Republic had violated it during the maneuver that led to collision.)

USS Ulysses

Commissioned in the mid-late 1990s. Hermes-class scout. Originally built by Nniol as part of the Ikaran War storyline, later completely rebuilt by John Falkenberg.

  • Ulysses was on a deep space exploratory mission when it encountered an unknown alien vessel and was crippled. The aliens, later identified by USS Federation as the Ikarans, sucked out the brains of her crew. The ship suffered severe structural damage, and her warp drive and power distribution net were heavily damaged. A Starfleet search and recovery mission led by USS Federation located the Ulysses in 1997 and towed it back to Starbase One, where it was rebuilt and recommissioned.

USS Endeavor

Commissioned in September 1999. Constitution-class destroyer. Built as FSS Redeemer. Built by Jacien.

  • The Endeavor was the first Constitution-class vessel to have the characteristics of a destroyer, after Starfleet acquired the Redeemer.
  • List of commanders as FSS Redeemer: Captain T'preng.
  • List of commanders as USS Endeavor: Captain Neil Shukla.
  • Destroyed when rogue Starfleet officers stole the ship and ventured into Klingon space where it was destroyed.

USS Saratoga

Commissioned in the early 2000s. Constitution-class destroyer. Built by Ridcully.

USS Excalibur-A

Commissioned in 1998. Excelsior-class cruiser. Registration number NCC-1705-A

  • Destroyed in combat under the command of Captain Suvin Grey while defending itself against Orion pirates. All hands presumed lost.

USS Myron

Commissioned in July 2001. Excelsior-class cruiser. Built by Shae and Delvon. Named after Admiral Galinda Myron.

USS Kiev

Commissioned in July 2001. Excelsior-class cruiser. Built by Delvon.

  • Currently held by the Klingon Empire after being captured. Status in Klingon navy unknown.

USS Ardent

Commissioned in December 2002 Hermes-class scout built by Harrison. Destroyed in mid-late 2003.

  • July 30th, 2003, crew of the Sydney transfered onboard, Lieutenant Commander Cassandra Sartena commanding.
  • Crashed into Nimbus III shortly after.

USS Exeter

Commissioned in Late 1999. Miranda-class destroyer. Built by John Falkenberg.