First Romulan-Klingon War

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===First Romulan-Klingon War=== (May 26-31,1997)

The first war with Kll'inghanns started after Riov [[Aidoann t'Khnialmnae]] arrested a Kll'inghann criminal called Kor. T'Khnialmnae, one of the few Rihannsu to have actually served aboard the USS Enterprise and who helped reform the corrupted Rihannsu government, used her military experience to deceive the Kll'inghann into thinking she was going to surrender. Kor turned out to be head of the Kll'inghann high council and the Kll'inghann empire declared war on Rihannsu. Although outgunned, the brave Rihannsu decided to defend their turf.

The battle lasted for four days and was coordinated by galae'Enriov S'Dok tr'Mnhaellhu. The Kll'inghanns arrived in two cruisers and a destroyer, matched up against ChR Ihlarei, a destroyer, and ChR Valoth, a cruiser. ChR Valoth, under command of her Riov, galae'Enriov S'Dok tr'Mnhaell'hu, drove off and heavily damaged the destroyer during the first moments of the attack. ChR Ihlarei, led by her ferocious second officer, Enarrain Salkin tr'Vaebn, chased one of the klivam cruisers towards their space, finally destroying it, while sustaining no damage at all.

The Ihlarei then returned to relieve the Valoth who was engaged with the second cruiser. The combined fire of the two ships made the Kll'inghanns take desperate measures -- they attempted to ram the ChH Rokhelh'Ael by setting course directly for the base and engaging the self destruct mechanism in close vicinity of it. The effect was devastating and the base suffered great losses, with the shields facing the impact and many systems completely destroyed. The klivam attempted to escape in a shuttle but were hunted down by ChR Ihlarei, now under command of her FO, Torak tr'Rhelliael-thra'ein, and destroyed.

The damage inflicted to the base put the Rihannsu Galae in a hard position; A peace treaty was signed the next day to give our forces the time they needed to repair and regroup. The Kll'inghanns agreed to withdraw from their attack in return for commodities and a 3-month military ship building ban imposed on the Rihannsu. However, the war served to show the superiority of Rihannsu officers to other races as they suffered no casualties at all (the Kll'inghann weapons were not even able to penetrate their ship's shields!) - while Klingons lost two cruisers and a destroyer along with their entire crews.