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Career File:Rselogomini.png
First built:  ????
Lead ship: HgR D'Hajhudh.
Currently in service: HgR Lladiennh.
General Characteristics
Service: Romulan RHA
Type: Freighter
Length: 1000.0 metres
Width: 700.0 metres
Height: 300.0 metres
Mass: 26,000 tons
Propulsion: Unknown
Cruise speed: Warp 6.23
Top speed: Warp 6.98
Sensor array: Type 4 Sensors/Scanners
Docking: Two shuttles
Decks: 6

Engineer's Notes

File:Rom freighter.gif
Fulcrum-class Freighter

mk I: Though no longer part of Rihannsu fleet, these vessels occaionsally traverse the spacelines for smuggler groups. Their rather ubiqutous nature makes them inconspicous and their low warp signature makes them easy to camoflage.

mk II: Without a doubt the oldest vessel in the Rihannsu inventory, is the freighter. The ships are so old, that spare parts are no longer available. The vessels continue to fail, and more and more often the vessels are found adrift in Rihannsu space. The vessels are forbidden to leave established trade routes with traffic concentrations of less than 4 ships per 24 hour period.

However, the vessels are extremely fuel efficient and even with their failing conditions, they are still extremely cost effective to run. Their vast cargo bays and slow but powerful warp engines allow them to carry more cargo than any other vessel in the fleet.

List of Fulcrum-class vessels

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