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Galae Overview

The Rihannsu Galae ("Space Fleet") is the Romulan equivalent of Starfleet, although the operations of, and policies of, difer greatly. Based out of the ChH Rokhelh'Ael (Galae Headquarters is on Ch'Rihan however), the primary starbase protecting the Romulan homeworlds, the Galae is comprised of two wings: Aen'rhien Aen ("Winged-Carrier Wing"), and Thraiin Aen ("Predator Wing"). The Aen'rhien wing is the most predominant, or 'primary' battle-group, and is populated by player-characters. The Thraiin Aen is an NPC wing, and not really used these days. At a time of higher player activity when many ships were being manned, some were designated under Thraiin Aen. Nowadays, everything is under Aen'rhien.

The Galae is responsible for protection of Romulan Territory and interests. It was, and always has been, a Defensive mechanism. Protect the Empires borders from unwanted guests (ie: everybody), protect the Rihannsu people and their way of life. Naturally, as the Romulan Military grew to a sufficent size, they were capable of 'keeping an eye' on their neighbors and enemies, typically via stealthy recon missions. The best way to protect ones interests is to know those of the enemy. However, many other Empires view this as an aggressive stance, as though the Romulans wish to expand their Empire by conquering others. The fact is, the Romulans don't give a hoot about the other Empires, as long as they are left alone to do as Romulans do. However, since the other Empires appear to be exceptionally nosy, the Romulans do what must be done to protect their borders.

Galae Command Structure

The Galae Command (Galae Llu'ihein'sae) structure is fairly straightforward, based on rank. The Rihannsu Galae is commanded overall by the Galae'Enriov (Fleet Admiral equivalent for StarFleet), who reports directly to the Yhea Llu'ihein'sae (basically equivalent of the US President's Joint Chiefs of the Military), who in turn report to the Fvillha (Elected-Emperor/President of the Romulan Star Empire), and the Praetorate.

Cadets/Trainees (Erredh) report to the senior officer on duty at any particular time. department officers report to the Chief Officer of their department, who reports to the Ship Commander, or the Executive Officer if one has been appointed (typically only on Cruiser vessels or larger). All personnel are expected to perform to the Riov's standards, as set for any particular vessel he/she may be commanding at that time. Keep in mind that the ship's CO may or may not actually be a Riov in rank, but an Enarrain assigned as CO of a ship is it's Riov, by definition.

Further information on the command structure can be found at: Galae Ranks

Life in the Galae

Once an Erredh (Cadet) graduates from the Galae'Erredh'fvau (Galae Academy), they are typically assigned as a trainee aboard an active duty vessel. On occasion, some are assigned to one of the Romulan starbases, primarily the ChH Rokhelh'Ael, but very rarely. When on duty, an individuals hfihar (House) has little to no relevance, since the Galae is their new hfihar, or more specifically their assigned ship. he commanding officer of the ship is their new hru'hfirh, and one's mnhei'sahe must adapt to that of the Galae and the ship they are assigned to. This is to ensure that homeward politics do not interfere with allegiance to the Galae or the ship commanders. Naturally, there is always some consideration taken into affect of the individuals hfihar, especially when it comes to promotion time, or favoritism by the command staff.

Typically, regardless of your areas of specialty upon graduating from the academy, Erein's are assigned as ship-wide trainees. It is expected of all officers to be fully cross-trained in all areas of the vessel's operation. Later on, when the training period has ended (which will vary based on the individual's performance, and the opinions of their superior officers), the individual will be assigned to a specific duty department. This may or may not be the same department the cadet specialized in at the Academy, but based on the ship's needs, and the performance of the cadet during their training phase. For instance, a cadet may have left the academy with exceptional aptitude for Navigation or Science, but later assigned to Engineering due to a position opening in that department, and ship command's evaluation of the cadet's skills.

Roles of the Galae

Unlike traditional terran military organizations, the Galae does not have seperate divisions for starship operation, ground combat, or protection services. There is no Army, or Marines, or Navy...just the Galae, and it's officers are expected to fulfill all these duties as needed. The most common role of a Galae vessel is patrol of Romulan Territory. Inspection of the various borders to look for signs of transgression, or damage to Romulan sensor/marker equipment. Secondary duties may involve intelligence gathering and reconnaissance, scientific observation, exploraion, escorting of RHA and Sherau'khfi ships or personnel, and policing of remote Romulan planets and installations.

The standing policy when encountering a non-authorized vessel or personnel of non-Romulan origin in Rihannsu Territory is 'Destroy on Sight'. This is not a standing order, as it is up to the particular Romulan Commander on-scene to evaluate the threat and do as he/she feels necessary. The Riov (Ship-Commander) typically bases their initial actions on mood. Patrols tend to be quite boring afterall, and in order to exercize their crews, Riov's tend to 'play with their prey' a bit before advancing overtly aggressively. Gathering of intelligence is a priority, and they will milk the enemy ship and it's crew of all they can before going for the kill.

Galae Ranks

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Galae Uniforms

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Galae Code of Conduct

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