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Galinda Myron was the beloved Commandant of StarFleet Academy and erstwhile bar owner on Starbase One. Myron began her career as communications officer aboard USS Federation, and later served briefly as First Officer of USS Intrepid. Not believing herself to be command material, she retired from Starfleet and took over management of the Neutral Zone, a bar on Starbase One. After some time she was lured back to StarFleet by her old friend and former crewmate, Captain John Falkenberg, who recommended her as Commandant of StarFleet Academy. She was easily the most popular person ever to hold that post, and was beloved by cadets and fleet officers alike. During her tenure the Academy was known for high standards, a difficult entrance exam, and graduating top-notch cadets. She died of a respiratory illness in 1998. The USS Myron was named after her posthumously.

An OOC note is needed here: Galinda was played by a great lady named Liz Pearson. In real life, Liz had a serious respiratory ailment; her lungs only functioned at 10% capacity and she frequently contracted pneumonia. Sometime in mid to late 1998 she scaled back her activity on TOS because of health problems, and told friends to not be surprised if she disappeared for a while to go into the hospital. Sometime after that she stopped showing up on TOS. We waited for her to return; her job as Commandant was not immediately reassigned after she had been gone a while. Sometime after that, emails sent to her began bouncing back as an invalid address. One of her good friends on TOS, Jacien, got together with a couple of other people and did some serious online digging. Like Liz, Jacien's player lived in California. After some significant research, Jacien and his helpers found an Elizabeth Pearson who apparently had died of a respiratory ailment. She was the right age and living in the right area. Her death was around the right time to have matched Galinda's disappearance from TOS. It has therefore been the sad conclusion of many who knew and loved her on TOS that Galinda disappeared because the player behind her died. She was greatly missed.

Preceded by:
Commandant of SFA Succeeded by:
Thomas Arithon