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Genesis... life from nothingless.

Well in our case, not quite from nothingless. Genesis was and still is supposed to be the next generation of TOS Space, otherwise known as Space 4.0. With Genesis we are promised complexity in systems previously unimagined, more realistic space dynamics and yes.. even tractor beams! Of course there was even the promise of having graphic interfaces with which to smite our enemies. Unfortunately, it has now been seven long years that we have been waiting for this glorious new era of TOS to unfold, yet nothing has come.

The first news of Genesis was posted to TOSNet shortly after Space 3.0 came online, with our mighty leader MacGyver giving hints and promises of all the glory it would bring TOS.

In June of 99, a new section was added to the TOS website ( )indicating that Genesis was becoming a reality. A place was added that those Directors who were working on the project could add updates to their work. As of June 20th, 1999 there has only been one post: No details have been added yet. Keep checking this site for more information. Month after month the faithful look open their browsers and look for an update in hope, and always close in disappointment.

The mysteries of Genesis go on. Was there ever anything substansial going on behind the scenes of Genesis, or was it just a pipe dream that MacGyver soon gave up on?

A few times a year a discussion gets started on TOS involving the fabled space system. Most belive that it was a good idea, though the few Directors who were working on the systems gave up and moved on to other things before things ever really took off. Maybe a few hundred lines of code were written, but that was it.

One Romulan administrator who shall remain nameless claims that Genesis is a reality, over 95% finished and ready to go online. This Romulan claims to have had a conversation with MacGyver one night via page in the eary 2000's, where our leader detailed to him the complexities of Genesis, and how it was ready to go online, though he saw no point in doing so.

If this is the case, then why would MacGyver not see the point in bringing it online? Wouldn't we all just love to see the system in action? One possible explanation that is shared by many of us is that to bring the system online, a whole lot of stuff on TOS would have to be changed and re-setup to work with the new systems. This of course could prove to be quite a lot of work, work that MacGyver doesn't want to do himself. Of course Mac has always been extremely cautious of who gets to have access to TOS space, and with only one other active Director left (one who doesn't even have access to space code), Mac would have to do all the work himself.

The author of this article once spoke with Director Cornwell on the subject, as he never really has a chance to talk to MacGyver. Cornwell does not have access to the space code (Nor does he want access to it! It's a mess!), so therefore is not really an authority on the matter. He has however told of times when he did get to be a testdummy for Genesis, and that at least a part of it was completed and working successfully (Namely he recalled tractor beams!). As to what happened to the project, Cornwell didn't seem to really know.

So for now, we must all hold true to TOS and hope that one day in the future, MacGyver will finally bring Genesis online, and we will finally have our tractor beams.