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Sunheart-class Transport, MkI

File:Rom transport.jpg
The Love Boat.
Commissioned: July, 1997
Service: Romulan RHA
Destroyed April 11, 2001.
General Characteristics
Type: Sunheart-class Transport MkI
Length: 150.0 metres
Width: 312.0 metres
Height: 160.0 metres
Mass: 1,200 tons
Cruise speed: Warp 10.2
Top speed: Warp 11.00
Sensor array: Type 4 Sensors/Scanners
Docking: One shuttle
Decks: 3

The Romulan's first Transport ship. Used extensively by the RHA for transportation of resources within the empire. It was destroyed when a young female Rihanha, a trainee of the RHA with a troubled past, decided to take the vessel against orders. It was unknown what her exact plan was, perhaps she intended to try to defect to the Federation. Regardless, she didn't get that far. Inexperienced with handling a ship, she was apparently unaware that ships can not in fact travel /through/ stars. Eisn happily ate her and the Ja'telaih up for lunch.