Hinajosa V. Estrada

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Historical Data

Born Madrid, Spain to two very well educated parents. Hinajosa Villareal Estrada was born number ten with nine sisters ahead of him. The Estrada family started recording their tree dating back some ten to fifteen generations back. Their Legacy includes a healthy growing vineyard and wine business. The family maintains their homestead in Madrid. Hinajosa enjoyed his youth with his sisters helping their parents share the work of the vineyard. Family time at night was one of the most important times of the day because it was a time to share thoughts during supper. The Estrada core values is and was family first. As a child, Hinajosa attended Madrid Roman-Catholic for grades k-12, attended Madrid University earning an Associates degree in Medical Science at the age of 20. Continued his education at Madrid turning to specialize in Exobiology earning a Bachelors degree at the age of 22. Earned a Masters in Medical Science and Biology at the age 25. His sisters remain home, but also went on to further their educations as well. The family still comes together to share the holidays and enjoy sharing stories. Hinajosa still enjoys sitting by the fireplace with the family reading books to his parents and sisters. Hinajosa joined StarFleet Academy with a real desire to help the sick and wounded. It is his continuing desire to earn his Medical Doctoral and begin working full time with Starfleet to find cures for illnesses and diseases that yet continue to plague the human race. On personal goals and values: Hinajosa Estrada is a rather quiet type of man who places extreme value on human life, and he takes everything into deep consideration. For Hinajosa, people are the core of who he is and often feels that people though often act confused about who they are, are still the reason for his being. He enjoys horseback riding, reading, painting and camping. He has also recently taken interest in playing the Flute. When he is assigned shore leave, chances are you will find him at home in Madrid with his parents and sisters.

Starfleet Service Hinajosa joined Starfleet at the age of 25. With 7 years of Medical School behind him, he elected to become a Medical Officer for Starfleet. His first 3 years at Starfleet Academy were abit more rougher than he had expected and the Medical Exams working towards his Doctorate were alot harder. He spent almost no free time goofing off with his fellow Cadets because he knew in his own mind that he wanted nothing more than to be the best that he could be at his job as a Doctor. Finally in his last year at the Academy, his orders came in assigning him to the USS Falkenberg.