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Commissioned: Unkown
Class: Outpost
Service: Destroyed
General Characteristics
Service: Klingon Defense Force
Type: Outpost
Sensor array: Type 4 Sensors/Scanners
Docking: 6 dock ports, shuttle bay.

General Info

Klingon outpost placed so close to the border (800 gms as I recall) that you could beam to it, or fire on it without ever crossing into Klingon space. It was destroyed by the Romulans after the Valoth Incident, The USS Excalibur and Tagrith have been blamed for it's destruction. In fact the Excalibur destroyed the bases short sensors, and a few shield generators without ever crossing the border in an attempt to save the crew of the ChR Valoth. This however made it very easy for the Romulans to blow it up a few days later.

Many years after the Excalibur, it was used by then UFP president Tektos as reasons for removing Starfleet CinC Neil Shukla from command temporarily.

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