IKV t'QatSo

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Commissioned: Unkown
Class: K't'inga
Fate: Active Service
General Characteristics
Service: Klingon Defense Force
Type: Cruiser
Propulsion: 2x Warp nacelles

Impulse engines.

Cruise speed: Warp 7.5
Top speed: Warp 9
Sensor array: Type 4 Sensors/Scanners
Docking: Shuttlebay

General Info

The IKV t'QatSo is a Klingon cruiser and a key component in Federation survey and espionage from c.2396-2398. This was during a heightened period of Klingon-Federation tensions, when survey missions into Federation space was a routine activity amongst the Klingon Defense Force in the protection of their people.

Survey Incident

During one activity, the t'QatSo was surveying Starbase One under cloak. The Klingon ship's vessel was, according to Starfleet records after the incident, completely unknown to the Starbase crew, but by coincidence the crew under Thomas Lynx was conducting readiness and scramble drills, with the fictional scenario being that there was a cloaked vessel outside causing trouble. Departures had been made and transmissions were being made over open channels (it was just a readiness drill and there was no need for secrecy) talking about a cloaked Klingon ship when, to their considerable surprise, an actual Klingon ship decloaked and attempted to flee.

Naturally, the Klingon Empire disputes this version of events, claiming that the idea of the Starfleet drill being a remarkable coincidence is patently absurd, and that the Starbase had developed a secret sensor device that would allow them to detect cloaked ships (which, presumably, they put back in the closet after the t'QatSo incident rather than actually use the thing). The Klingon record is also very complimentary on the fighting of the outgunned ship, saying that what seemed like a retreat was more an effort to get into a superior strategic position. At any rate, the t'QatSo was in a hopeless position and was quickly disabled.

The opportunity being such a golden one, Starfleet immediately boarded. Each of the battling sides accused the other of blatant dishonour and sissiness, and, of course, the truth will never be known. The t'QatSo was nevertheless captured intact, and the crew were taken alive. Despite a bloody jailbreak attempt in which each side accused the other, again, of being generally trashy, the starship was held by Starfleet until the uproar from the Klingons lead to the starship's return.

Keeping up the air of friendliness and cooperation this whole incident embodied, Federation and Klingon officials could not even agree on whether or not the cloaking device was returned. It was observed on various levels that an order from the higher-ranking Federation officials involved in the pre-return of the Klingon vessel did indeed issue an order to a select group of individuals to take the vessels cloaking device. However, the Klingon government, always playing cards close to its chest, never fully offered any evidence to prove that their equipment was indeed tampered with.

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