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Ian Sturmvogel hails from Mars, the only son of two medical professionals, one general practitioner doctor, the other a nurse, both working in a private practice (non-Starfleet). Ian has gone through university and medical school, with doctorates in Microbiology and Nanite Engineering. After the death of his parents, he came to Terra and joined up with Starfleet, becoming an accomplished Science Officer.


Ian has always loved to explore and discover new things...he has a unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Ian also plays life by the rules, and is willing to follow the orders of a superior, sometimes too eagerly. He is very loyal to those he trusts, but has distrust of those he doesn't know - this has been only since his meetings with the rogue Admiral Dentax. He has a very simplistic moral code: follow the good, don't knowingly do evil on yourself or others. Because of his parents death, he has decided to give up life at the library, go off and see the galaxy. With his entry into Starfleet, he is finally following his own path, and letting life take him where it will. Although he bound by his superior's orders within Starfleet, he ultimately hopes to be part of a scientific expedition, to follow his dream of exploration, both of himself and of the space around him.


Ian has always been a fast learner, and loves to read as much as he can. For his doctoral thesis, he was able to come up with several new innovative nanite technologies, but the truth be known he loves to tinker, and might have possibly just messed around for fun with the same theories. Although graduating from medical school, he has never even considered become a full doctor in practice; instead, for the past 2 years, he's been working in a library, quietly reading up on his unfulfilled passions; stellar cartography and basic exploration. However, his parents were killed in a freak accident, and although he wasn't close to them, this loss has caused him to move on. Soon afterwards he joined up with Starfleet, where his love for science outweighed his own expertise in medicine. After his tour at the Academy, he served on the Nichter-class vessel USS Federation, commanded by Fleet Captain Jeremiah Banks, where he started as Science Trainee, and worked his way up the ranks to Science Officer's Mate. However, with the USS Excalibur Incident and its subsequent loss of many command grade officers, he was pressed into service as Chief Science Officer on the Constellation-class vessel USS Saratoga, now commanded by Captain Katherine O'Connor, his old First Officer from the USS Federation, also pressed into service due to attrition. The next several months were punctuated with intrigue and cleaning up the Saratoga's database file and the Science team in general. With his research into warp fields from the USS Federation, he was secretly asked to return to Mars to work at Utopia Planetia in developing new warp engine technology. This new technology resulted in a third doctorate in Nonlinear Quantum Gravitiation. After the awarding of his degree, he was re-assigned back to the USS Saratoga, taking the Executive Officer position, being relieved by Lt. JG Jamal Jones. He now reports to Captain Chris Tuggey, with the move of Captain Katherine O'Connor to Starfleet Command in Intel. Most recently, he proposed to his friend and confidant, Ensign Shakira Kudo, Security Officer on the USS Federation. His accomplishments include development of space-time theories in and around Alpha 359 radiation, psychological profiles on the Klingon, Romulan, and Orion people, archeological studies into Riguan artifacts, namely the Riguan Scepter, work against terrorism (His nemesis is Admiral Dentax, for the loss of Sturm's eye) and heavy involvement in numerous Starfleet operations, from defense of Starbase 1, to investigation of a jailbreak on Tantalus V. Sturmvogel was later killed in action when the Saratoga was destroyed. His eulogy read as follows:

Lieutenant Ian Viktor Sturmvogel first served aboard the USS Federation as a science officer. He moved up the ranks to Science Officer's Mate, and was then transferred to the USS Saratoga as Chief Science Officer, and finally was made Executive Officer of the USS Saratoga. Sturmvogel had three doctorates in Microbiology, Nanotechnology, and Nonlinear Quantum Gravitation. He is survived by no family, but leaves a fiancee, Ensign Shakira Kudo, Security, USS Federation. Although he is no longer with us, he still explores with a scientist's detail that Great Beyond we all shall someday inhabit. He requested that his grave reads, "Excelsior, ad exploretia."

His awards include the Purple Heart, Commendation: Starbase, Starbase Combat Commendation, and Meritorious Service: Science.

Sturm's OOC Notes

Bioguy loved Sturm. :( While OOCly picking out a wedding DJ with his wife-to-be, the Saratoga went 'poof', blowing Sturm to smithereens. Although he was the Second Officer of the Saratoga, Sturm was always a Science Officer at heart, and loved to be part of Katherine's TPs.