Ihlarei Incident

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===Ihlarei Incident=== (1996)

What became known as the Ihlarei Incident occured when galae'Riov t'Valon, and the Galae'Enriov at the time with a crew entered Federation space for unknown reasons. The ship never returned, the crew was killed or suicided. The reasons behind the entrance of Fed space were unknown. Several theories have been passed about yet little proof has ever come forward. The bodies of the crew remained in the hands of the Federation for a year or more before diplomatic talks were finally concluded to have them returned.

The ChR Ihlarei itself was recaptured by Fvillha tr'Khnialmnae with a loyal crew, when he was head of the military. The ChR Ihlarei was returned to the Rihannsu Star Empire and went on to complete a distinguished service as one of the workhorses of the Galae, before being accidentally destroyed shortly after the First Klingon War.

The Ihlarei Incident has had significant repercussions on Rihannsu society. At the time it created a instablity in the government and the society as the loss of so many high ranking individuals and the aftermath that ensued shook the Rihannsu Star Empire. The empire eventually recovered from the loss, and stability again returned.

Unknown to nearly all involved the Ihlarei was on a mission to recover a Romulan deep cover operative, serving aboard a Federation cruiser attached to Starbase One. The retrieval went poorly, and due to a series of unfortunate series of miscommunications and mistimings, the operative was killed. The Federation never found out about the operative, but the Romulan incursion into Federation space nearly caused a war.