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The Ikarans were a race of psionic aliens from the Delta Quadrant, who gained great prominence far from home for a period during the Ikaran War.

The Ikarans, to all appearances, were 3-foot-tall aliens that strongly resembled Snuggle, the fabric softener teddy bear. Some survivors of Ikaran attacks, however, especially those with their own psionic ability, suggested that this was just an image projected into the minds of potential victims to make the Ikarans appear less formidable. No clear picture of what the Ikarans may have looked like beneath this psionic shield exists, but there are reports of writhing tentacles and sharp teeth.

The Ikarans used an artificial wormhole to travel from their homeworld of Ikar in the Delta Quadrant. Their vessels did not appear to be particularly powerful, and in even combat were less well armed than most military ships, although their shield technology was believed to be extraordinarily advanced. But the Ikaran advance threatened the very existence of life in the Alpha Quadrant, and the insidious teddy bears wiped out all life on entire planets.

It was later discovered that they were controlled by a hive mind maintained by a powerful Queen on the planet Ikar.

First Contact with the Ikarans was made in the Federation, by the crew of USS Federation under command of Admiral John Falkenberg.

The Ikaran assault on the Alpha Quadrant led to the Ikaran War, which involved the United Federation of Planets, Klingon Empire, Romulan Star Empire and Tholian Hegemony.

This war was ended at the climactic Battle of Ikar, in the Delta Quadrant.

OOC Note: The Ikarans, and all plotlines connected to them, including the Battle of Ikar, was the brainchild of a Romulan admin named Nnivid, who also went by the name Nniol, and was carried out with major assistance from Jo.