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Started at TOS in 1998 as a Klingon player named S'elqun. Due to RL reasons had to quit for almost a year. Came back in May 1999 as a Klingon player Gin'tak. After Gin'tak's death during the attack of IKV maQmIgh on Starbase One, created a Klingon character Kurdt, who shortly became Qang. After Qang's death, reincarnated as a Klingon joH G'rotlh. After G'rotlh had a shuttle accident near QI'tomer and died, an Orion character Lektre is created. In January 2005 Lektre decided to quit the Orions in favor of creating a Klingon character K'roel. K'roel is promoted to HoD of the IKV qul mI'wI' and is looking forward to bringing the empire its glory back.