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Former Klingon director, suceeded Izick in the mid-1990s.

K'tohk served for many years as both the OOC head of the Empire as director, and IC head as Emperor ta'. He was a very popular director among his players.

Disagreements between K'tohk, S'cryn and Jo led to the Klingon-Romulan War in 1997.

K'tohk also personally negotiated the Klingons' participation in the Ikaran War.

When numerous Klingon players began to act without consultation of the Empire's IC or OOC leadership and caused problems for the Muse at large, K'tohk closed the Empire's borders and ordered that the Klingons turn their focus inward and set their own house in order.

Unfortunately, this led to a largescale loss in player activity.

K'tohk became increasingly less active in the late 1990s, but remained in his position until MacGyver replaced the empire directors with Head Admins in 1999.