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The test of adulthood that all Vulcan children go through at age 7 which is equivilant to age 11 on Earth. It is a 10 day survival trek through the Vulcan Forge in which none can help any other. To stop and help another is for both to fail for that year. They would have to repeat the test the following year. The children are sent into the Forge with nothing but the cloths on their back and have to journey for ten days to reach the course end at which point they are considered an adult. One of their number is chosen as representative and a ceremony is held on Mt Seleya honoring them and accepting them into adulthood.

NOTE - Some put the Kahs'wan at 11 years old, some at age 7. Various writers use 7 and various use 11. The point is that after the Kahs'wan the Vulcan is considered a young adult.